Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bling Rewards

You know you’ve come of age when you’re wishing for something more than just the trendiest clothes and the latest IT bag and shoes. Years of hard work have led us to a deeper appreciation of the finer things in life, which usually means rewarding yourself with precious jewelry, for one.

But before you start buying gems from your neighborhood “alahera,” we recommend you head over to trusted establishments such as Karat World for your jewelry fix. With its year-long campaign “Because we deserve it,” along with its chosen celebrity endorser Maricar Reyes, Karat World definitely knows who the 21st century woman is—a multi-faceted lady who knows and stays true to who she is.

Maricar Reyes represents the woman of today, taking in patients at her clinic in Pasig and shooting for her new projects as well: “Medicine has always been a priority, but I try and devote my time to where it is needed the most at the moment,” she explains. “I love both of my occupations, so I hope to expand my clinic in the future while aiming for more challenging roles in show business.” Not only that, she’s a triathlete and model, too!

Women like Reyes truly deserve more, and jewelry is usually tops on our list of must-haves. So if you’re a neophyte who’s a bit tight on the budget, we suggest you check out the diamond illusion rings that are perfect for ladies who have just discovered their new-found love for sparklies. Semi-precious and precious gems are also available in classic and modern styles for those who love color and variety.

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