Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Fave PFW Pieces - Part 1

Coverage of PFW started Day 5 for me, as I had to focus on Forever 21's fashion show.  So, let me share with you 20 of my favorite designers and pieces:

Who would have thought buildings can serve as Melvin Lachica’s inspiration?  He successfully executed his vision through long and flowing gowns, that, as worn by models, evoked towering skyscrapers:” I created paper toile embellishments with jersey and chiffon in colors of stone sand, gravel, and blocks, using these as accents alongside geometric and linear patterns that take cues from textile and fashion engineering.”

Tina Daniac veers away from her past collection of figure-hugging minis, as she presented her current set of gothic royalty seductress looks.  “Deviating from loud pieces and gaudy embellishments, I used soft fabrics like wool, in muted colors, such as black, gray, and white, to create simple yet structured ensembles with a detailed finish.”

Deconstructed tailoring is what came to mind when Marlon Rivera presented his collection. He played with black by giving it different textures and layers with his choice of fabrics such as rough wool, vinyl, faux leather, flannel, knit, and power mesh. His combinations yielded tailored pieces with surprising, unfinished hemlines.

Jian Lasala presented loungewear in geometrically-cut patterns: “This season, I have transformed dreams and sleep-induced adrenaline into a cosmopolitan affair. My collection, titled Gravity, features sleepwear-inspired garments transformed into chic and elegant evening ensembles.”  Cool hues accentuate the chill vibe of each piece with figure-flattering styles that show off the confidence of the wearer.

 Check out the back detail :D

Mike Lavarez deftly employs shredding to showcase his set of stretch cotton wear.  “Loose dresses, cropped bottoms, and layered shrugs are embellished with hand-cut details and patterns that feature a dated take on the classics.”  Basic hues of black and gray, plus pale pink, were his colors du jour that speak of the cool, casual chick.

Stay tuned for the next quarter of my top 20 ;)
*photos taken from stylebible.ph

Monday, May 30, 2011

Glamour is a Tumble of Crystals

The House of Laurel is always brimming with new designs, not only by the proprietor, Rajo Laurel, but by his discoveries as well. Yekky Balingit is one of those artisans collaborating with Laurel. His accessories have caught my eye last year for their “ethereal glamour,” crystals and unstructured knots in pastel and subdued hues.

A visual and graphic artist by day, Balingit teamed up with his photographer-friend, Melson Bolongaita, to produce a refreshing yet haute couture take to his wearable art.

Style Kit: What was on your mind when you shot this pictorial?
Yekky Balingit: The editorial “Second Skin” is my friend-photographer’s portfolio. He asked me if I can lend my accessories for the pictorial, not knowing it was (top model) Ria Bolivar that he asked to model. I did the layout and I was pleased to see everybody loving it. And since everybody now is going along with the trend color-blocking, we (the team) went across to a different lane. We wanted a very subdued and fresh editorial.

SK: What materials did you use and why?
YB: I used the same materials, German-Russian crystals with cut beads and this time around I tried to stay away from the fabric being the vital part of each piece. Raw and somewhat like rough and unrefined will always be my aesthetic, balanced by the glitz of each crystal.

SK: How long did it take you to make these?
YB: It took me two to three months to make the whole collection, and each piece can take up to three nights. I only do it in the evening as I am a visual and graphic artist by profession. I also make one piece per style.

SK: Why necklaces?
YB: It debuted in a year when statement jewelry and chunky accessories began to take centerstage with the likes of Vera Wang and Bea Valdes as inspirations... and I do love necklaces. It sums up your personality without even saying a word.

SK: Do you make them yourself or do you have a staff?
YB: Everything goes through me. From the sourcing of fabrics, buying of supplies, and down to the last stitch—it is by me. I wish to have a staff someday and hopefully soon.

SK: How is your work process like?
YB: It starts with a color palette. For House of Laurel, they give me a direction for the upcoming collections. Then, I source for beautiful fabrics and make a trip to my suppliers for the crystals and beading materials. From there, each color is assessed as to what style fits, then on to stitching each crystal.

SK: How did you get into House of Laurel?
YB: I got lucky. The end of 2009 was magical. Rajo Laurel and I met up at a bar in Manila and I was really surprised that he reads and adores my blog. Christmas came and I tried selling my first five pieces and, luckily, I sold one. It was a fulfilling day. As a blogger, I uploaded my experience and he loved it. He offered to sell my necklaces in his store... I was thrilled! I set up a meeting with him the next year, and, as they say, the rest is history.

SK: What did Rajo say about you and your work?
YB: As Rajo stated, “It is a paradox of the raw and the refined.” Rajo has been a friend and a mentor, I would say. He opened a very wide door of opportunity for me. He always reminds me how he loves my pieces and constantly encourages me to push through and try things out.

SK: Why the name ‘Miadore?’
YB: Miadore came from parents’ nicknames Mia and Ador. It is my homage to them. I named it after them because they’re my family and this venture is so special for me. Actually, my cousin just told me...The “E” can stand for my real name, which is Erik. Kind of unconscious I would say. It also sort of signifies the meaning “I adore” which is what I want my clients to feel for my pieces.

*For inquiries, call or text Yekky Balingit at 0915-8685958 and/or send an e-mail to bjbace@yahoo.com or visit his facebook page.

Photography: Melson Bolongaita
Assisted by: Roel Valesco
Model: Ria Bolivar
Styling by Kim delos Santos
Makeup by Kraig delos Santos
Hairstyling by Mong Amado
* Special thanks to House of Laurel, Mich Araullo, Rica Rico, Dookie Ducay

Friday, May 27, 2011

PFW Attendees Part 2

Arrived just in time for the PFW show scheduled on Sunday.  Bang Pineda and Buensalido's Niko Pedro were able to save me a front row seat.  I just had to take a shot of our shoes, from right to left: me in Virtual Mae (Versace-esque platforms), Bang Pineda in platform oxfords of his own design, and Michael Cinco's Louboutin's.

On our way out to grab a bite, we bumped into Pokwang, who was in head-to-toe Kermit Tesoro

Bang and Ali in "accidentally" matching ensembles

We decided to eat at Itallianis, and guess who picked the same resto? the Mega team who were seated outside

...and the Preview team

I've never eaten wearing lots of rings (from Forever 21), it was a bit difficult, I must say ;)

Bang and Ali informed the waiter that it was Joel's birthday, so we got a complimentary cake :D

Back at SMX: Jigs Mayuga (love his studded collar and metallic blue oxfords)

Inquirer's Cit-Cit Sioson in an Eric delos Santos

Myrhh Lao To and Chalk's Kate Paras

JP Singson in Unisex clothing line

These cute interns for Stylebible.ph who are in charge of taking shots of stylish people

The Mega team, always dressed with the same look/theme in mind

Garage's Rey Ilagan with designer Ziggy Sevilla

It was a Sunday, and I have work the next day since I have a regular job. 
So I opted to go home right after dinner, and just followed Stylebible.ph on Twitter for the Mamengo coverage.  I will post about that soon :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PFW Attendees Part 1

My first official coverage day for PFW was last Saturday... kinda late, I know!  Here are some of the people I bumped into :)

Angela Alarcon, Suki Salvador and Meryll Yan of Mega

Andre Chang and Daryl Chang

Vince Uy

Anna Canlas and Eugene of Preview

Me with Jerome Salaya Ang (his works are amazing!!!)

Martin Bautista (another lovely collection! :D)

Jigs Mayuga

Me with Jenny Yrasuegi

Adrian Concepcion of Garage

In between people shots, I took a photo of the festive band as provided by Ipanema

And checked out their showcase outside the PFW function rooms




and we continue with people shots: Designers Regine Dulay and Sassa Jimenez

Eric delos Santos with ANTM Claire

Stylist Matt Gozun and me again

Lourd Ramos, the hair and makeup guru who did our Forever 21 show, with friend

Overflowing drinks by L'Oreal

There was a makeup booth inside the L'Oreal lounge with makeup guides used for the shows

Model Albert Adrales with a friend

Stylist and designer Bang Pineda with designer Stacy Rodriguez

Stylebible.ph Jae Pickrell

Model and host Vicky Herrera

Stylist and director John Lozano

Stylist Rachelle Que

JP Singson

Karl Leuterio and Kookie Buhain

Miguel Paulo and Yekky Balingit, both accessory designers

Yekky makes the most glamorous (yet raw) neckpieces
His creations can be purchased at Miadore, or here.
This necklace below is the first that has a more masculine feel to it.

Will post my PFW fave pieces soon :D


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