Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Shopping at Watsons

You can tell a lot about a person by the stuff you see in her bag or in her room.
This time around, and for this post, I would love to hear what you think of me with my Watsons purchases recently:

I zoomed in on the products we needed for our son: powder, shampoo, alcohol, cotton, body wash, cream, off lotions, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide and band aids for the wounds, cotton swabs, sebo de macho, toothpaste and scissors.

...while my husband went straight to the milk section.  The Lactum TVC really works—my husband has been dying to try it.

More vitamins and first aid stuff

Hand wash and room scents

Staple toiletries

Some personal items that I badly need

and a pair of foldable reading glasses each for my parents

I went around the store, while waiting for the cashier and the sales attendant to compute my purchases.  Thank you, Marinette and Cess, for being so patient.

Now, I've been a fan of Watsons ever since I saw them in Hong Kong years back.
But, I think, Watsons Philippines  has so much more to offer with
their lot of homegrown brands and promos galore:

Free 50ml body wash for ever purchase 

Buy 1 Take 1 on these hand soaps

P50 off!

Raffle promos

Freebies with every purchase of any of the items below

Big savings

More great combos

These were taken about a month ago at SM Megamall.  I'm pretty sure they have more goodies in store for the holidays.  So, do check them out real soon!  They've got great products that are affordable and perfect for gift giving this Christmas season :)

Thank you for the fabulous shopping spree, Watsons :)
So, what do you think of my purchases?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Block and Protect, like Neutrogena

neutrogena ambassadors
As mentioned last week, I am one of Neutrogena's Brand Ambassadors for their Fine Fairness line.  Our task is to share with you our discoveries and adventures as Neutrogena guides us to a radiant new version of us for 2011 :D  Let's start, shall we?

neutrogena products

Combating skin pigmentation isn't as easy as stoping melanin production.  There's more to it, as so I found out at our first Saturday bonding session.  Neutrogena's Brand Manager Gabby Roxas shared what the Fine Fairness line can accomplish:

1. protects
2. shields skin from UVA/UVB rays
3. restores healthy glow
4. prevents melanin formation
5. blocks transfer of melanin
6. renews skin
7. calms and soothes skin
8. lightens skin

Doing all these can definitely give our skin "new" life, and Neutrogena wants to give more to us by applying these 8 functions to our lives.  For two Saturdays, Neutrogena will be hosting workshops and talks for us brand ambassadors based on the 8 special benefits of its Fine Fairness line.  This is where we come in, and we hope to impart with you what we have learned from these fun activities Neutrogena has in store for us :)

Our first Saturday was a hearty one, with a health & wellness talk by Dr. Jason Penaranda and a Personal Visioning Talk by Ms. Analei Atienza.  Dr. Penaranda helped us in "protecting" our body, while Ms. Atienza worked on "blocking" negative vibes.  

Neutrogena jane with nikka

From Dr. Penaranda's talk, these are what I think are most important and that you should start applying in your daily routine as well:
* Wellness is a conscious decision to create and pursue a healthy lifestyle
* Wellness is composed of body, mind and spirit
* Taking care of your body means eating right, eliminating waste, exercising, and resting
* The easiest way to know if you're eating right is to make sure you eat all the "colors of the rainbow."  You don't have to remember which food groups have which vitamins.  Just make sure you eat a food type that covers a color of the rainbow.
* If your liquid waste is not light in color, then you need to drink more water to flush out the toxins.
* The best time to sleep is from 9pm-3am
* For your mental health, you should find time for your hobbies and/or play puzzles and mental games (Sodoku, anyone?)
* And for our spirituality, we should make sure to have a connection with God and the Universe.  

Ms. Analei Atienza is a natural in amplifying our positive thoughts.  She's a life coach who constantly helps people in need of a purpose or assistance in reorganizing their lives. For our first activity, she asked us to list down the things we can do with a paper clip.  After 5 minutes, she asked us to list down the things we canNOT do with a paper clip.  I had a hard time thinking of things I canNOT do with it.  I kinda felt bad that I couldn't think of anything for the second list, until she shared with us after her analysis.

Neutrogena Jane writing

It turns out that if you think of more things to do with the paperclip, then you're a positive person—which I think I am.  So, if you think you can think more of the things you canNOT do, then it's time to start thinking you CAN.  What was very memorable to me was when she asked us to close our eyes, and she pretended to hand out slices of green mango to us and asked us to eat it—all 8 of us agreed that we had a slight salty taste when we imagined eating the green mangoes.  So, what does this mean? 

It means that you can do anything you set your mind into.  Throw out all the negative thoughts!  Just as Neutrogena Fine Fairness can block and prevent skin darkening so that our skin stays clear, we can also block and prevent bad vibes (and toxins) for a happy US (with a clear mind, soul and skin) for 2011.

Always remember that our mind is so powerful that it can convince you to do things you never thought possible, or you'd be scared to do in the first place.  Our lives are just too short to be wasted on scary hunches, don't you agree?  Take that leap of faith, and who knows?—You just might be able to prove yourself wrong ;)

Find out what Neutrogena Fine Fairness line has in store for you, and get to know the other brand ambassadors by visiting the Neutrogena Philippines Facebook page.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Neutral Ground

I still can't get over Cary Santiago's bridal show—have yet to schedule an appointment with him :o  But he wasn’t the only one who presented his collection of pretty neutrals. Check out how the guests interpreted the night with classy monotone shades:

Camille Mathay softened up her black dress with a skin-tone purse and light peach pumps.

Jessica Tan-Gan and Puey Quinones toughened it up with strong hues of black and brown.

Designer John Herrera went for romantic goth with his pick of striped bowtie and cross pendant.

Nicole Hernandez (with Randy Ortiz) played with prints.

Metro Weddings’ Trisha Juico (in Patrice Ramos-Diaz) used bronze accessories for subtle highlight, while Michelle Alejandro kept in simple with a Cary Santiago creation.

Juana Yupangco (with husband Enrique) showed her support for Santiago’s fascination for birds with a parrot graphic on her dress.

Jocelle Evangelista looks like a radiant bride in a soft tulle gown by Sassa Jimenez.
Jocelle Evangelista

Jewelry designers Nicole Whisenhunt and Joyce Makitalo played with pink tones to complement their smooth skin.
Nicole Whisenhunt and Joyce Makitalo

Tessa Prieto-Valdes in a serpentina dress by Sassa Jimenez

Among the show’s sponsors was leading premium vodka brand Antonov, which treated the posh crowd to its Antonov Vodka Apple mixed drink, a tempting new drink with a twist of apple.  

Antonov Vodka Apple is a clear Vodka-based mixed drink infused with apple extracts and carbonated water.  This premium-vodka cocktail is 5% alc/vol, ready to drink, and set to be the beverage of choice for the trendy drinking crowd.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Now, back to regular programming...

Now, I can breathe... Last week up until early Sunday morning was pretty full for me, because of Forever 21's Thanksgiving party at Members Only.  

Here are some of our brand ambassadors... having their makeup done before the party.

I have yet to get my hands on the official photos. Will post them soon :D  Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Countdown to a Light 2011

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, been quite busy with work.  But apart from what's been happening with me for the past few weeks, I would like to share with you some exciting news that's in store for me and for you as well :)

Neutrogena has asked me to be one of their 8 brand ambassadors :D  Together with Neutrogena, we will help you, our readers, kick off 2011 with an illuminating aura, and a fresh and radiant face to match!

It was only last Saturday when I got to meet the other 7 brand ambassadors, and I was elated to see familiar faces: hyper Patty Laurel (who was part of my staff before), pretty Solenn Heusaff, uber-sweet Georgia Schulze-del Rosario, always-poised Isabel Roces, with fellow bloggers hardworking mom Earth Rullan, techy Phoebe Ramos, and smiling Frances Haw.  It's such an honor to have been handpicked by Neutrogena, and to be working with these established personalities.

I invite you to join us in this journey by joining Neutrogena's facebook fan page.  We each have our own mini page, where you can read more about our discoveries as we share them with you.  Feel free to ask away: we would love to hear from you and help you start the year "light."

See ya there :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shoe Spotting at PFW

Nicole Puentevella of Soule Phenomenon sent me a message via Facebook regarding her latest shoe release.  Apparently, this style made an early cameo in the recent PFW, in Don Protasio's collection—so proud of her!

Don't you just love the wooden platform, the shiny leather wedge, and the faux pony hair bootie? :D  I heart!  Of course, I immediately said yes to Nicole; and I'm still waiting for my pair ;) In the meantime, read my article (in Manila Bulletin) below to learn more about Soule Phenomenon and Don Protasio :D

Another Leg Up For Footwear Arsenal
Edgy, architectural statement shoes from a virtual collaboration

Shoes have become the hot and haute accessory the past years. Sky-high heels, platforms, and gravity-defying wedges have been a staple on the runways and in every fashion blogger’s closet. A chockfull of aspiring shoe designers and small-scale entrepreneurs have even ventured into producing and selling limited pieces for the local market.

One such shoe brand that we think is fast rising in the Philippine fashion scene is Soule Phenomenon. Put up by Bacolod native Jan Nicole Puentevella back in 2008, it started from her love of statement shoes that eventually blossomed into a customized-shoe business. After a year of making made-to-order pieces, she decided to make shoes on hand and available so that clients wouldn’t need to wait.

Barely two years old, Soule Phenomenon’s shoes definitely caught our eye at the recent Philippine Fashion Week series. “The collaboration started when a good friend of mine, Mike Magallanes, suggested to (fashion designer) Don Protasio that I should make his pairs for PFW. There, I got to chat with Don online via Facebook (since he is in Cambodia), exchange of ideas sprang through then,” shares Puentevella.

Although similar to London-based shoe designer Julia Lundsten’s styles, the shoes, we have to admit, were able to execute the architectural designs well. After all, this is what Soule Phenomenon is all about: “We wanted to make affordable yet stylish shoes. That’s why choosing the most-wanted pairs (which aren’t readily available locally) that are edgy and reasonably-priced are our goals.”

Protacio adds, “Early on, I was very sure about the feel of the shoes. I wanted it high for both male and female. I wanted it graphic and sculptural. She suggested the suede texture and the perched heel, which I love. My collection is very urban and inspired by traffic police uniforms, so we thought of pushing for a very strong and almost subversive style of footwear.”

Like with most local shoe designers, production is very limited for this style—only 19 pairs are available. Expect more wedges (which they are quite known for) to be released before the year ends. Visit Soule Phenomenon at http://gladztolove.multiply.com and http://soulephenomenon.blogspot.com; or send an e-mail to soulephenomenon@gmail.com. Look for them in Facebook (Soule Phenomenon); or text/call them at 0916-3375506.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Forever 21 Gift Card Launch Party

Forever 21 Gift Cards are now available at the store, in denominations of P2,000 and P1,000.  Only cash and debit card payments are accepted, and you don't have to use it all up in one purchase ;)

And to celebrate the arrival of the gift cards, Forever 21 is hosting a party this November 20, 8:30PM at Members Only (The Fort, Taguig).   We'd love to see you there.  To find out how to score tickets, visit our Facebook fan page.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Most Memorable PFW show

I think it's safe to say that the last PFW was the very first time they ever hosted a children's fashion show, and it was amazing!  It was held on the Day 1, right after the opening show with Pond's.  I rushed up to the 3rd floor as soon as I can.  I was able to get a good spot in front and center, and this is what I was able to catch:

A teenager dressed in medieval costume was playing "Telephone" by Lady Gaga with a violin, which served as the "background" along with an LED screen.  Here are some of my favorite outfits:

Hope these long tulle skirts are available

Who says black and white doesn't look good on kids?

The floral hair accents are adorable!

These pretty little ladies look so sweet in their floral numbers.

Guess who did the finale walk?

Spotted: Jinkee Pacquiao, with her kids, supporting her daughter

... who escorted by two dashing boys, too! :)

Congratulations, SM Children's Wear, for a wonderful fashion show.
Can't wait for the next one ;)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last PFW Hurrah

We waited for more than an hour before Cesar Gaupo's show commenced.  Here are the peeps we hung out with for the last night of PFW:

Ces Orena-Drilon in a Charina Sarte dress, with Jill Stuart pumps and Joyce Orena accessories

JP Singson who took people shots for Metro magazine that night

The MEGA magazine team

Ingrid Chua-Go of thebaghag

You just gotta love these three:
Daryll Chang (in a Forever 21 maxi dress which I helped her pick out), Andre Chang, and Liz Uy

Will repost my article on my feature on Cesar Gaupo as soon as it comes out.

Friday, November 5, 2010

PFW's Finale Show

Spent most of this week writing about PFW for Manila Bulletin, giving me less time to update this blog.  So, for today (and for the week), let me leave you with a video clip of Cesar Gaupo's fashion show—which served as the closing show for PFW Spring/Summer 2011:

Isn't Cesar Gaupo the cutest? :) 

Will post people shots and my article on Gaupo next week. Have a great weekend! :D


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