Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Shopping at Watsons

You can tell a lot about a person by the stuff you see in her bag or in her room.
This time around, and for this post, I would love to hear what you think of me with my Watsons purchases recently:

I zoomed in on the products we needed for our son: powder, shampoo, alcohol, cotton, body wash, cream, off lotions, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide and band aids for the wounds, cotton swabs, sebo de macho, toothpaste and scissors.

...while my husband went straight to the milk section.  The Lactum TVC really works—my husband has been dying to try it.

More vitamins and first aid stuff

Hand wash and room scents

Staple toiletries

Some personal items that I badly need

and a pair of foldable reading glasses each for my parents

I went around the store, while waiting for the cashier and the sales attendant to compute my purchases.  Thank you, Marinette and Cess, for being so patient.

Now, I've been a fan of Watsons ever since I saw them in Hong Kong years back.
But, I think, Watsons Philippines  has so much more to offer with
their lot of homegrown brands and promos galore:

Free 50ml body wash for ever purchase 

Buy 1 Take 1 on these hand soaps

P50 off!

Raffle promos

Freebies with every purchase of any of the items below

Big savings

More great combos

These were taken about a month ago at SM Megamall.  I'm pretty sure they have more goodies in store for the holidays.  So, do check them out real soon!  They've got great products that are affordable and perfect for gift giving this Christmas season :)

Thank you for the fabulous shopping spree, Watsons :)
So, what do you think of my purchases?


Bec said...

Lovely haul :)

Abbie♥ said...

i LOVE watsons too! it's my comfort store! LOL! sometimes, i'd just go inside the store to pass time but then i cannot seem to leave the place without buying something. it's really a stress relieving place.♥

voodoo girl said...

i always end up buying more than what i need whenever i go to watson's... in a way, that place is evil LOL!

are the reed diffuers any good? how long does it last?

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Thanks, Bec! I find my haul so "motherly" though haha...

I agree, Abbie! Watsons is such a stress-relieving store :D

Hey voodoo girl! There are so much affordable products in Watsons that you'll really keep on going back for more haha... I haven't used the reed diffusers yet. Will let you know when I do ;)


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