Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Paris Dream Come True

Paris Hilton rocked Manila fittingly: there were press conferences and shoots for her Century Properties project and parties to cap the night off. Her busy itinerary ended with a “Meet and Greet” session, along with the ribbon cutting of her handbags and accessories store at The Atrium of SM Megamall.

Fans from all over the country flocked to the venue to see the Barbie doll-like heiress. Local celebrities such as Melissa Ricks, Helga Krapf, Empress Schuck, Kit-Kat, Angel Aquino, JM Rodriguez were also there to witness the official opening of the store. The first sighting of Hilton excited the crowd with cheers from all over the place, but Melissa Ricks’s reaction was the most priceless one as we saw her wiping away tears:
PH Ricks

“One of my dreams was to meet Paris Hilton and it came true!” Ricks says. “She’s so sweet and carefree! She has fun with her life and she’s very strong despite all her intrigues.”
PH Ricks autograph
When Ricks became a fan: A couple of years ago when she started her show “The Simple Life.” Since then, I’ve been a fan. I bought her books and I have all her fragrances!

Hilton’s Twitter friend and fan, 20-year-old Patricia “Isha” Andrea Dinio, was also present at the event. She reminisced with us her Paris Hilton experience: “It was a dream come true, like I have to really tell myself so many times that it really happened. Magical in a sense that I've been wanting and dreaming to see her for 10 years now and, now, it happened.”  Isha Dinio proudly shows off the three bags that Paris Hilton gave her.
PH Dinio

Their cyberspace friendship had blossomed over the years, with Hilton giving her a total of three bags, eight perfumes, three shirts and accessories—all as her graduation gift to Dinio, who is now a Tourism Management graduate. 


In return, Dinio gave her “a doll wearing baro't saya and a picture frame bordered with banig and Philippine Shells which I bought from Kultura.”

“Paris Hilton has been with me in the special events of my life. She tweeted me on my 20th birthday, wished me luck in my OJT at a prestigious hotel months ago, left me comments on my pictures wearing my OJT uniform, and became so proud of me when I graduated from college. Paris is really an icon everyone should know; she's sweet to all her fans, makes time for them and even replies on some tweets and letters that her fans send to her,” reveals Dinio.

Paris' schedule started with the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and ended with the Meet-and-Greet session at The Atrium of SM Megamall:


Kenjie is one of many fans who purchased a Paris Hilton bag and got to meet and get Hilton’s autograph. I love that Paris used a hot pink pen to sign on them—so cute!
PH Kenjie

*Photos by me and Danilyn Nunga.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Skin Problems Solved part 3

When it’s time to seek professional help, get a consultation/appointment with the doctors at Facial Care Centre for their latest service—OptiLight treatment.

Designed to treat photoaged skin (wrinkles, melasma, sagging skin), age spots (freckles, hyperpigmentation), rosacea (facial redness), pigmented lesions (spots and scars), and even acne, a treatment session takes about 20 to 30 minutes only.


Unlike its predecessors, OptiLight possesses Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) that delivers consistent precise light pulses that penetrate the tissue and works way deep into the skin to combat the aforementioned specific skin problems. Goggles are worn during this quick treatment, and be prepared for flashes of red light (triggered by the pulse), with a bearable stinging sensation caused by the heat from the light.

Associate chief dermatologist at China Medical University, Dr. Yuanhong Li (second from left), shares that this advanced treatment is quite popular in both the United States and China.  Both countries are known to offer this service at a much higher cost as compared to what Facial Care is exclusively offering.


*Call Facial Care at 892-SKIN and book yourself an appointment now.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skin Problems Solved part 2

For moisture-boost, try L’Occitane’s newest natural range, Angelica. 

Grown only in the French region of Drôme, the Angelica plant grows incredibly fast (up to two meters in just a few days) due to its ability to extract water from the ground deep. 

This means that the plant’s properties, when used in the skincare line, can now improve hydration and circulation. The complete line carries six products, with the light and fresh Milky Lotion as the star. It is preferably applied before the Hydration cream, with properties that help improve skin elasticity and leave skin with a velvety, smooth texture.

I missed the presentation by a few minutes, but good thing I got to catch up with the ladies from L'Occitane :) 

They introduced the Eye Roll-On to me, and I fell in love with it.  I think the gel is perfect for our climate as it's not too sticky (like creams) and not too "runny" (almost liquid like lotions).  It also has a cooling sensation that makes you feel instantly refreshed.  Great to use during break time or in between meetings and presentations ;)

I was also able to take a photo of the Editor-in-Chief of Maven and Chalk, Nana Caragay.  I love how she looks vintage chic in her Christian Dior bag and leopard printed skinnies.

What I wore: cotton dress from Hong Kong, lace flats from Stella Luna, and Mulberry Alexa satchel in leopard printed leather.

*L'Occitane is available at all Rustan's Department Stores.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skin Problems Solved part 1

Women of all ages share a goal: to have clear, smooth skin. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a flawless face. Acne, blemishes, and wrinkles are some of the most common skin problems that women (and men) have to contend with. Here is the first of three beauty discoveries to help make skin brighter and clearer:

For the young and extra oily, I suggest Proactiv Solution Combination Therapy System. 

It’s a simple, three-step skincare regimen that has potent ingredients to take out acne, but has gentle properties safe enough for everyday use. The oil-free Renewing Cleanser has tiny, smooth beads that help exfoliate dead skin cells and other impurities; the alcohol-free Revitalizing Toner helps eliminate clogged pores; while the oil-free skin-clearing Repair Lotion lightens blemishes and prevents new ones. Perfect for those on the go, this set takes only five minutes to apply. Even better news is that Proactiv not only treats the whole face, but the neck, chest, shoulders and back as well.

* Proactiv is available at all Watsons and SM Department stores, or call the hotline at (632) 729-2222 or visit for more details

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sale for Mommies and Ninangs

I'm so going to this one :D See you there?

It's a great way to stock up on clothes for our little ones :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Style Search

Backstage is the new front stage,” quips Mega Publishing Group’s executive group creative director Suki Salvador as the magazine conglomerate prepares to host the second season of its Mega Fashion Crew Gen M reality show on cable television. With 60 participants, the style search will look for the next top photographer, fashion stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist or female model in teams tasked to execute a fashion shoot, offering a unique peek into the fashion industry and scoping out new talents. “Life here in Mega has been a constant search for these people,” shares the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sari Yap.


Judges for the new season include Yap, celebrity fashion designer Avel Bacudio, and top model Raya Mananquil. Mentors include Salvador and Mega magazine’s publisher and deputy editor Meryll Yan. “Aside from fabulous items and cash prize of P100,000 each, a promising career awaits the winning individuals. The five winners will also have the chance to work with the Mega editorial team for a fashion editorial,” adds Yan.

To find out what the judges and mentors would be looking for, we asked Salvador and Yan who they look up to in fashion:

Meryll Yan, Mega magazine’s publisher and deputy editor

Photographer: My favorite photographers are Annie Leibowitz and Steven Meisel. Their images are always iconic and they prove that each photo does speak a thousand words.

Hairstylist: My favorite hairstylists are Ney Guese and Jay Wee. They do lovely work with such speed and they’re fun to work with. Ney and Jay would even assist in holding a prop or throwing a couture hem up.

Makeup artist: Best makeup artist is Owen Sarmiento for fantasy and Jigs Mayuga for beauty. We love collaborating with Owen for amazing concept shoots (see Varekai ed in July). Jigs is a master when it comes to bringing out a woman’s best features. He’s an excellent face sculptor.

Stylist: Best stylist for me is Patricia Field. She is responsible for some of the most memorable outfits on film and TV and that influences everything from pop culture to what’s displayed on the shop floor.

Model: For me, the best model is Natalia Vodianova. She is such a chameleon. Locally, I love Ria Bolivar, Vanessa Matsunaga and, of course, Marina Benipayo. I remember when one makeup artist remarked to Ria in one photo that she looked “Brazilian,” she shook her head and said, “ayoko.” Now that’s Pinoy pride.

Suki Salvador, Mega Publishing Group’s Executive Creative Director

Photographer: I like a lot of photographers locally and internationally, but I gravitate towards Annie Leibovitz. Her images are extremely romantic and always full of emotion. Her photography treatment has a unique, soft focus that is unparalleled.

Hairstylist: I’m amazed by the work of Serge Normant. He put Julia Roberts in really big hair on the cover of his book Metamorphosis. Normant always provides an unconventional but sophisticated way of doing hair.

Makeup artist: I am amazed by the work of Pat McGrath. She is the favorite makeup artist of a lot of top fashion designers because she has a fresh and forward twist to doing beauty. She is able to define features while keeping the skin healthy-looking.

Stylist: Vogue Paris editor-in- chief Emanuelle Alt is my favorite stylist. I appreciate the fact that she keeps the woman’s comfort in mind all the time. I also like that she mixes both high and low pieces.

Model: Kate Moss is the top choice for models. She doesn’t try too hard to look chic. In fact, her approach to modeling has always been simplicity. Fortunately, she has great bone structure to aid her.

*Catch Mega Fashion Crew every Saturdays, 7PM, on ETC, with replays on Sunday 10AM.

Friday, August 19, 2011

This is It! :D

Forever 21 SM Makati is on sale this weekend, with offerings of 10% off on regular items when you present your SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card for the first 2 hours today (Aug 19).

A whopping 20% off on regular items is given to those who will use their Forever 21 Mastercard and SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card for the first 2 hours today (August 19).  

See you all there!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Make It to the Best Dressed List

But what makes one best dressed? This is a question asked by many, but answered only by a handful.  I got to ask a few of these stylish ladies who they admire the most, and what their requirements are to make it to the best dressed list. Who knows? You just might make it to next year’s list!

Camille Co, designer and blogger
Camille Co

I’ve always admired Kate Moss and Diane Kruger. They’re both fashion-forward but relatable at the same time. You have to be confident in yourself and what you’re wearing. One can wear the most beautiful and expensive things but still fall short because they’re so unsure of themselves. With confidence, you learn to experiment with different styles, push the boundaries, and know what’s right for your body type.

Nikki Santiago, Associate market editor,
Nikki Santiago

I adore a lot of women’s sense of style. Those of Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn, to name a few of the popular ones. Locally, I find myself taking notice of Ria Bolivar, Penny Ngu, and Pam Quinones each time. Although, I also get inspired by girls I encounter in everyday life, on the streets.

I find a person stylish when she is able to intrigue and inspire me with the way she puts pieces together and how she carries herself. I find that confidence, good posture, attitude, ability to buy the right clothes that fit her body and personality, that sense of unexpected when it comes to outfit, make a woman eternally stylish.

Nicole Whisenhunt, accessories designer
Nicole Whisenhunt

I like the style of Mandy Santos, Olivia Palermo, and Kate Middleton.

Their styles or ways of dressing reflect their personality. I find this important because in order for one to effortlessly carry themselves well, they need to be comfortable in what they wear, also how you dress says a lot about yourself, it reflects your character.

Pauline Juan, Editor-in-Chief, Preview
Pauline Juan

My favorites right now are J. Crew President Jenna Lyons and its head designer Marissa Webb. I love the play of opposites that they always have going: tomboy vs. pretty and casual vs. glam. The way they mix is eye candy. The details are spot on. The end effect always feels nonchalant.

Iza Calzado, actress
(with Borgy Manotoc and Adrien Semblat)
Borgy Manotoc, Iza Calzado, Adrien Semblat

For me, anyone who understands her body type and personality and knows how to dress according to what suits her, is best dressed. Plus, they should be able to rock their outfit, regardless of style.

Keri Zamora, retailer, Kira Plastinina
(with husband, San Juan Vice Mayor Francis Zamora)
Keri and Francis Zamora

The Olsen twins and Giovanna Battaglia. I admire women who look effortlessly chic. I’m amazed by how they can mix and match fashion pieces and instantly look cool and put together. They can easily tame an outfit by tousled hair or glam up one by piling on accessories.

Divine Lee, blogger and partner, Luca
Divine Lee

I admire Anne Curtis, Charina Sarte, Laureen Uy and Pam Quinones. Credentials would be range and creativity: They can wear different styles and put these together well.

Rachelle Que, stylist
Rachelle Que

I love Pam Quinones, Mai Kaufman, Ornussa Cadness. For me, it’s about knowing who you are and injecting that character or personality into your outfit. That way, it’s your style and not just a trend that you’re wearing.

See you all at Preview's next Best Dressed Ball ;)
Photos taken by Sandro Paredes for Preview Mag.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are you ready, Cebuanos? :)

Went to Cebu for a day to check on things for Forever 21 :D

Don't forget to apply for a Forever 21 Mastercard to get exclusive perks, in time for the opening ;)

Are you ready? :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Forever 21 SM Makati goes on SALE

We interrupt my regular blog posts with a SALE announcement:

There’s just so much to look forward to at the Forever 21 3 Day Sale at SM Makati from August 19 to 21:
Aug 19 10AM-12nn: 10% off on regular priced items when you use your SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card
Aug 19 10AM-12nn: 20% off on regular priced items when you use both your F21 Mastercard and SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts
Aug 19-21: 10% off on regular priced items when you use your F21 Mastercard, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts
Aug 19-21: 5% rebate when you use any BDO credit card, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts
Forever 21 Mastercard holders can get in as early as 8:30am. Just present 1 valid I.D. to enter. One entry per card.

Forever 21 stores are located at the Second Level of SM Megamall A and at the Ground Floor of SM Makati in the Central Business District. You can also follow Forever 21 on facebook and twitter.  Check out their Sale album tonight ;)

See you all there this weekend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Preview Celebrates in Style

Preview's Best Dressed party last month was special to me, as I went to support friends who are part of the best dressed list.  I sat with one of them that night—Keri Zamora who is one of my closest friends to date :)

Preview magazine launched its Best Dressed issue this month with a nostalgic look at the grooviest club of the ‘70s, Coco Banana, transporting guests back to the glory days of camp Manila. Says the magazine’s editor-in-chief Pauline Suaco-Juan: “Indeed, many Preview readers are oblivious to the Seventies and its icons because they hadn’t been born then. Doing the Preview Ball in a “Pinoy in the Seventies” led us to another camp icon, the nightclub Coco Banana, which was touted as the Studio 54 of the Philippines.”

The placed was packed and full of media people hungry to cover:

Here are some of the stylish peeps I bumped into that night:
Rikki and Chris Mathay 

Alodia Gosiengfiao

John Lozano

FASH girl Bianca Valero, Ruby Gan and Carmina Sanchez-Jacob with a friend

Designer Alcs Porras and his ferocious shoes


Daryl Chang

My college buddies Penny Ngu and Jasper Ong

Gabby dela Merced and Ginggay Joven dela Merced

Kissa Castaneda and Cindy Go

Agoo Bengzon

Megan Young, Eric delos Santos 

Adrian Concepcion

Cit-Cit Sioson, Pauline Prieto and Ana Canlas

Rachelle Que

David Milan

Ram de Vera

Bubbles Paraiso and Jae Pickrell

Jerome Salaya Ang

John Herrera

JR Isaac

Nicole Whisenhunt and Joyce Makitalo

Mich Dulce

The highlight of the program was the presentation of this year’s 10 Best Dressed: fashion blogger and designer Camille Co, jeweler Lucille Dizon, actress Mylene Dizon, Anne Gonzales of Havaianas, Penny Ngu of retail brand Apple & Eve, model Pauline Prieto, designer Charina Sarte, blogger Laureen Uy, Keri Zamora of retail brand Kira Plastinina, and actress Iza Calzado who is on the cover of this month’s issue. 

It was followed by song and dance numbers by the queens from Club Mwah, lip synching to ‘70s hits such as “I Will Survive.”


Drop by again tomorrow for more exclusive Preview Best Dressed coverage ;)


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