Monday, August 22, 2011

Style Search

Backstage is the new front stage,” quips Mega Publishing Group’s executive group creative director Suki Salvador as the magazine conglomerate prepares to host the second season of its Mega Fashion Crew Gen M reality show on cable television. With 60 participants, the style search will look for the next top photographer, fashion stylist, makeup artist, hairstylist or female model in teams tasked to execute a fashion shoot, offering a unique peek into the fashion industry and scoping out new talents. “Life here in Mega has been a constant search for these people,” shares the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sari Yap.


Judges for the new season include Yap, celebrity fashion designer Avel Bacudio, and top model Raya Mananquil. Mentors include Salvador and Mega magazine’s publisher and deputy editor Meryll Yan. “Aside from fabulous items and cash prize of P100,000 each, a promising career awaits the winning individuals. The five winners will also have the chance to work with the Mega editorial team for a fashion editorial,” adds Yan.

To find out what the judges and mentors would be looking for, we asked Salvador and Yan who they look up to in fashion:

Meryll Yan, Mega magazine’s publisher and deputy editor

Photographer: My favorite photographers are Annie Leibowitz and Steven Meisel. Their images are always iconic and they prove that each photo does speak a thousand words.

Hairstylist: My favorite hairstylists are Ney Guese and Jay Wee. They do lovely work with such speed and they’re fun to work with. Ney and Jay would even assist in holding a prop or throwing a couture hem up.

Makeup artist: Best makeup artist is Owen Sarmiento for fantasy and Jigs Mayuga for beauty. We love collaborating with Owen for amazing concept shoots (see Varekai ed in July). Jigs is a master when it comes to bringing out a woman’s best features. He’s an excellent face sculptor.

Stylist: Best stylist for me is Patricia Field. She is responsible for some of the most memorable outfits on film and TV and that influences everything from pop culture to what’s displayed on the shop floor.

Model: For me, the best model is Natalia Vodianova. She is such a chameleon. Locally, I love Ria Bolivar, Vanessa Matsunaga and, of course, Marina Benipayo. I remember when one makeup artist remarked to Ria in one photo that she looked “Brazilian,” she shook her head and said, “ayoko.” Now that’s Pinoy pride.

Suki Salvador, Mega Publishing Group’s Executive Creative Director

Photographer: I like a lot of photographers locally and internationally, but I gravitate towards Annie Leibovitz. Her images are extremely romantic and always full of emotion. Her photography treatment has a unique, soft focus that is unparalleled.

Hairstylist: I’m amazed by the work of Serge Normant. He put Julia Roberts in really big hair on the cover of his book Metamorphosis. Normant always provides an unconventional but sophisticated way of doing hair.

Makeup artist: I am amazed by the work of Pat McGrath. She is the favorite makeup artist of a lot of top fashion designers because she has a fresh and forward twist to doing beauty. She is able to define features while keeping the skin healthy-looking.

Stylist: Vogue Paris editor-in- chief Emanuelle Alt is my favorite stylist. I appreciate the fact that she keeps the woman’s comfort in mind all the time. I also like that she mixes both high and low pieces.

Model: Kate Moss is the top choice for models. She doesn’t try too hard to look chic. In fact, her approach to modeling has always been simplicity. Fortunately, she has great bone structure to aid her.

*Catch Mega Fashion Crew every Saturdays, 7PM, on ETC, with replays on Sunday 10AM.

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