Friday, August 12, 2011

Chewy Goodness

Working in SM Megamall gives me an opportunity to scout around and try new things. One of the snack places we fell in love with is Chewy Junior, located at the Lower Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A:

Their "hero" food item is their chewy cream puffs:

They also offer delicious thin-crust pizzas and fruit slushies that are must-tries as well

I love their clean white-walled interiors

Plus, the fact that you can see their "kitchen"

And that everything is made and baked in front of you

For their cream puffs, you can opt to "make your own"

But we wanted to try their concoctions, so we had Chocolate Almond and Chocnut, which were both a bit messy to eat—but fun to eat, mind you :)

I think the fact that it's chewy on the outside, the "shell" keeps the cream and everything sweet intact and a bit less messy to munch on :)

Price range:
cream puffs and pizzas go from P45-P55. Not bad and quite filling, I say!

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MariaKristela said...

The cream puffs looks so delicious! I actually like the fact that I can make my own version of cream puff. I can put anything I want. Thanks for sharing this! :)


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