Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Make It to the Best Dressed List

But what makes one best dressed? This is a question asked by many, but answered only by a handful.  I got to ask a few of these stylish ladies who they admire the most, and what their requirements are to make it to the best dressed list. Who knows? You just might make it to next year’s list!

Camille Co, designer and blogger
Camille Co

I’ve always admired Kate Moss and Diane Kruger. They’re both fashion-forward but relatable at the same time. You have to be confident in yourself and what you’re wearing. One can wear the most beautiful and expensive things but still fall short because they’re so unsure of themselves. With confidence, you learn to experiment with different styles, push the boundaries, and know what’s right for your body type.

Nikki Santiago, Associate market editor,
Nikki Santiago

I adore a lot of women’s sense of style. Those of Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett, Audrey Hepburn, to name a few of the popular ones. Locally, I find myself taking notice of Ria Bolivar, Penny Ngu, and Pam Quinones each time. Although, I also get inspired by girls I encounter in everyday life, on the streets.

I find a person stylish when she is able to intrigue and inspire me with the way she puts pieces together and how she carries herself. I find that confidence, good posture, attitude, ability to buy the right clothes that fit her body and personality, that sense of unexpected when it comes to outfit, make a woman eternally stylish.

Nicole Whisenhunt, accessories designer
Nicole Whisenhunt

I like the style of Mandy Santos, Olivia Palermo, and Kate Middleton.

Their styles or ways of dressing reflect their personality. I find this important because in order for one to effortlessly carry themselves well, they need to be comfortable in what they wear, also how you dress says a lot about yourself, it reflects your character.

Pauline Juan, Editor-in-Chief, Preview
Pauline Juan

My favorites right now are J. Crew President Jenna Lyons and its head designer Marissa Webb. I love the play of opposites that they always have going: tomboy vs. pretty and casual vs. glam. The way they mix is eye candy. The details are spot on. The end effect always feels nonchalant.

Iza Calzado, actress
(with Borgy Manotoc and Adrien Semblat)
Borgy Manotoc, Iza Calzado, Adrien Semblat

For me, anyone who understands her body type and personality and knows how to dress according to what suits her, is best dressed. Plus, they should be able to rock their outfit, regardless of style.

Keri Zamora, retailer, Kira Plastinina
(with husband, San Juan Vice Mayor Francis Zamora)
Keri and Francis Zamora

The Olsen twins and Giovanna Battaglia. I admire women who look effortlessly chic. I’m amazed by how they can mix and match fashion pieces and instantly look cool and put together. They can easily tame an outfit by tousled hair or glam up one by piling on accessories.

Divine Lee, blogger and partner, Luca
Divine Lee

I admire Anne Curtis, Charina Sarte, Laureen Uy and Pam Quinones. Credentials would be range and creativity: They can wear different styles and put these together well.

Rachelle Que, stylist
Rachelle Que

I love Pam Quinones, Mai Kaufman, Ornussa Cadness. For me, it’s about knowing who you are and injecting that character or personality into your outfit. That way, it’s your style and not just a trend that you’re wearing.

See you all at Preview's next Best Dressed Ball ;)
Photos taken by Sandro Paredes for Preview Mag.

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