Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here We Go Again ;)

We also have marked downs you'll surely love. See you all this weekend ;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Closer You and I

As promised in my personal blog, below is a summary of what happened at the Close Up White Now engagement party held last week.  Thanks to Visions and Expressions for the PR article and the photos below:

Closer Now and Forever
The story of boy meets girl happens so often that it ends up less than extraordinary. But if there is something everybody will surely be interested to know, it is probably how the boy and the girl ends up as a couple.  Everybody would want to take a trip down the memory lane… when they met, how sparks flew, their firsts, and all the other numerous things they shared. What was once stories of two different people are now woven together in one beautiful love story, which all started with a very magical meeting of the boy and the girl.

This is exactly how soon-to-be-wed couples Ian King and Joey Mead and Marco Rodriguez and Rosanna Ocampo remember their first meetings as they share their stories one night in an intimate cocktail lounge at The Manila Peninsula Rigodon Ball. Invited family and friends who received especially designed blue and white invitations, gathered to witness this magical moment up close. The romantic all-white set up designed by renowned Robert Blancaflor, illuminated by blue lights, and dimmed, as if it was a cue for everybody to get ready.

Guests were entertained by two of the couples closest friends and matchmakers, Tim Yap and JM Rodriguez while they wait for the arrival of the couples. Tim and JM shared how they set the couples up, from how Tim led Ian and Joey’s meeting...

... to JM’s arranged between Rosanna and his “cousin” Marco. Couples told their stories and professed their love for one another. It was their smiles that gravitated them towards each other and surprisingly, ending up together. First up were Ian and Joey’s love story AVP.

Known for her fierce walk and undeniably bright smile, Joey met Ian in one of the parties they have been to. Ian asked one of their common friends, Tim to introduce him to Joey and the rest as they say is history. From their burger and arcade date to their engagement party, the couple radiates happiness so evident in their bright smiles. To them, great things are bound to happen for the both of them. “The future is boundless,” says Ian. “We see each other together for eternity,” Joey adds.  Ian and Joey came in as cued and the vivacious couple turned heads as they went up and joined Tim and JM. Their infectious smile got everybody. A perfect reflection of how blissful the couple is. Audience listened as the couple talked more about their story and everyone felt it was a match made in heaven.

As if their love story was not enough to get everyone all mushy, another romantic AVP was shown featuring the second couple of the night, Rosanna and Marco. Rosanna’s smile instantly captivated Marco. It is one of those things that Marco instantly liked about Rosanna, which made him ask one of their friends, JM to set him up with her. From their first date two years back, until the day he proposed to her, the couple looks forward to brighter and blissful future together. “I don’t see myself with anyone else,” tells Rosanna, “I look forward to a new chapter,” adds Marco.

A vision in white, brides-to-be Joey and Rosanna looked extra beautiful in their white gowns made by Rajo Laurel with make-up by Jing Monis Propaganda team and Jun Escario coupled with make-up by Omar Ermita respectively, accompanied by their fiancés, Ian and Marco who both looked dashing in their suits by Joey Samson. It was truly an enchanting sight with guests also keeping with the theme of white.

Everybody got excited as Tim and JM officiated an unusual ceremony complete with vow meant especially for them. “Flash that Close Up White Now smile… you may kiss your soon-to-be bride!” Everybody gleefully watched the lovebirds as they show their pearly white teeth and sealed the kiss, definitely a preview of good things to come for the two pairs.

Ian and Joey, and Marco and Rosanna rove around and met their guests. All smiles, each couple received well wishes for a new story that has yet to unfold for each of them. DJ Mars Miranda provided the music for the night, with nonstop mash-up of hits from '80s, '90s, and ’00, which had guests dancing the night away. Over flowing wines and cocktails and delicious food provided by The Manila Peninsula.

Unilever Marketing Manager for Oral and Deodorant Category Cindy Melocoton, Unilever PR and Events Manager Nikki Abella, Close-Up Assistant Brand Manager Julia Ng, and Close-Up Brand Manager Brian Duruin


Mars Miranda, Divine Lee and Victor Basa

Me, with husband John Cheng and son JJ

Claudine Trillo, Joey Mead, Robby Carmona, and Raymund Isaac

Juana Manahan and Rick Yupangco

Aslie Aslanian and Kat Alano

Tanya Dela Paz, Vanessa Fernando, Sara Azimi, and Nicole Jacinto

Kate Torralba

Marc and Loralee Soong

Tito Herbosa, Marc Nelson, Rovilson Fernandez

Atticus King, Miguel Rodriguez and Chicho Suarez

The physical attraction is undeniable, but what usually makes someone standout from the crowd instantly is a beautiful smile. Once ordinary encounters are turned into one of the most unforgettable when girl flashes her pearly white teeth and guy could not help but get close. Anyone can make everyday encounters memorable, just with a perfect smile as Close Up introduces the first and only product that instantly whitens teeth after just one brush, Close Up White Now which sure to give you that extra boost of confidence and dazzling whiter smile whenever, wherever—and whoever you are.

For these couples, all it took for their delightful encounters to happen are their smiles. Close Up White Now wants you to have your own moment.  It’s 100% safe and effective. With its innovative and breakthrough blue foam technology responsible for creating an instant visible effect on your teeth, Close Up White Now guarantees instant whitening effect without the chemicals used by whitening kits and other whitening toothpastes. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy Weekend

All set for the weekend? Here are some more that you might be able to squeeze into your itinerary :)


The White Hat opens in Morato (opens 3pm) and Cebu (11am). 
First 100 gets P100 GC from The White Hat.

How time flies!  Kiehl's turns 3 this weekend :)

Quirks is celebrating their first year with three promos, too!
Anniv promo

Enjoy :D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy with my Forever 21 Haul

Having worked for 15 hours straight everyday for the past weekend, I think I deserved a little reward by shopping ;)  The staff all paid for their loot after closing.  Here I am with Assistant Store Manager Grace Ang, and colleague Hazel Cabucos, showing off our big Forever 21 bags :D

Wanna see how much I brought home? Not only did I buy for me, I bought for hubby, my mom and my brothers, too!
I was soooo happy with my buys that I wore the linen romper the next day. I got this for P409, and it comes with a belt. Fab, don't you think? :)
There were really a lot of good buys at our sale, and I think everyone was happy with their purchases. Until the next one ;)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The SALE That Didn't Last FOREVER

One should always strive to beat his/her own record, but how can we ever top Forever 21's opening weekend event?  I couldn't sleep the night before the Mega 3-day sale—I was both (more) excited and (a bit) scared of things to come.  "Will our marketing efforts bring in the crowd?" This was the question I kept asking myself... After all, this is one of my deliverables :o

We left the store Thursday past midnight, and I woke up 7:30 a.m. and got to the store by 8:30 a.m.  Though my marketing responsibilities are over, I helped the Operations/Sales team in whatever way I can.  I've always believed that success lies in teamwork.  The morning was packed with preps, getting everyone all pumped up, and making sure everything's in order.  I was only able to step out of the store around 11:26 a.m. and saw the line outside: 

Can you see the end? I couldn't!  So I took a video instead:

I remember having goose bumps when I heard the girls running and screaming towards the store when we opened. I thought I would never experience that again, until I took this video you just watched (above).  

To everyone who patiently lined up to get in, to try on the clothes, and to pay: 
Thank you so much! We hope the long lines and the super steal purchases are worth it ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

See You All this Weekend at Megamall ;)

Will be signing off for the week with a teaser on what will be on sale this weekend—it's going to be a pretty busy week for the team :o 
I took a few photos of our merchandise that will be marked down starting this Friday, check them out!

red dress, P569
red dress, P569
purple striped knitted top, P519
purple and cream knitted top, P519

sheer peach vest, P569
peach vest, P569
gray peacoat, P519
peacoat, P519

linen romper with belt, P409
linen romper with belt, P409
linen shorts, P409
linen shorts, P409

knitted top, P459
knitted top, P459
gray vest, P469
gray vest, P469
black bandage dress, P469
black bandage dress, P469

and for hubby, red plaid polo, P519
red checkered top for men, P519
For more sneak previews, visit our Facebook fan page :)

Best news of all :) Forever 21 now offers 0% interest for 6 months installment, with a minimum purchase of P5,000. Click on the image below to find out if your credit card is part of the program :)

See ya all this weekend :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion Forum

I know you're dying to find out what's in store for you this weekend at Forever 21—I'll do that tomorrow.  The reason I wasn't able to do it in this post, is because I attended another event by our sister company called the Fashion Forum at SM Makati.


Rosanna Aranaz with Hannah of Littlemissdressmeup and Dani Alip of theshadychronicles

Mrs. Kong who is responsible for bringing in all these chic dresses

Bloggers Aisa Ipac, Bestie Konisis and Karen Mercado

Beng Dee in fuschia and Carissa (asymmetrical black dress) who's also part of Mrs. Kong's team

One of SM PR ladies, Tricia

Shoe lady Ruby Gan

Always a pleasure to see the stylish Kaye Tinga
Here's a video of the fashion show:
With shoes by Parisian
And clothes being sold all throughout the day at the SM Prestige Lounge
Now, wasn't that a fun shopping event? :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess Who's Joining the Mega 3-Day Sale? ;)

This one has been keeping me and the team up all month long.
And the count down begins today...
Watch out for more post regarding our first sale ever! ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cool Weather Gear is Here!

It's been ages since I've stepped into Surplus—it's one of my favorite stores during my college days. They're even more affordable than the bazaars that sell the same (if not, almost the same) merchandise.   A lot has changed since then: store lighting, fixtures, color scheme, etc...  It has indeed become a chic "not-so-secret" store to go to for good finds :)

Check out what they have in store for this month:
Lots of knits and jackets to tide you until next year. I am eyeing a pair of corduroy jeggings for about P300, and will be back tomorrow to purchase it ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Feet, Happy You

I finally gave into owning a pair of FitFlops due to positive reviews I've heard and read.  
It's also a plus that I found the right color combination and style that fits my personality, which is the Electra :)
I really like the gold one, but thought it might be difficult to match with my outfits.
These were my choices, and I ended up with a white pair. I've always preferred white over black, as it look so clean and fresh.
It took me some time to convince myself that I can wear platform sandals. They have never been my style. But once I got my feet warmed up, I actually love them! Though I don't have any back problems, I do believe they have helped me improved my posture :) Check out what the other benefits are:






*To know more about FitFlop Philiippines, click on this link.
Thanks to Melody Nubla and ResToeRun Glorietta for the assistance :)


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