Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy with my Forever 21 Haul

Having worked for 15 hours straight everyday for the past weekend, I think I deserved a little reward by shopping ;)  The staff all paid for their loot after closing.  Here I am with Assistant Store Manager Grace Ang, and colleague Hazel Cabucos, showing off our big Forever 21 bags :D

Wanna see how much I brought home? Not only did I buy for me, I bought for hubby, my mom and my brothers, too!
I was soooo happy with my buys that I wore the linen romper the next day. I got this for P409, and it comes with a belt. Fab, don't you think? :)
There were really a lot of good buys at our sale, and I think everyone was happy with their purchases. Until the next one ;)


✿Mitchelli✿ said...

Indeed, we are all very happy with our purchases despite the long line... =D I'm sooo looking forward to the next one Ms. Jane! I hope before Xmas na! (*wishful thinking* hehe)

Frances said...

Ooh I wanted that romper too! But now I think I like your Fendi bag better =P (that's a Fendi, right? Medyo malabo the photo haha)

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Thanks for braving the lines, Mitchelli :D You never know... your wish just might come true ;)

Sayang, you weren't able to go, F! :( Yah, that's a Fendi bag hihi... Paired with Marc by Marc Jacobs cork wedges I won in ebay!

Kookie B. said...

super nice the linen romper! waaah, i should've gotten it din!

pauline said...

hi ms.jane =) would just like to ask if i can buy the shoes the manequin is wearing @f21? thanks =)

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Kookie!!!!! Yes, you should have :o You should visit us on our next sale, k? :)

Hi Pauline! Yes, you can buy the shoes from the displays or mannequins. Just ask any of our sales associates to check the tag/s if someone has reserved them already. If not, ask the sales associates to write down your name and contact details on the tag. Once we change outfits, the store team will text you that it's ready for purchase and pick-up. Hope this helps :)

pauline said...

thanks Ms.Jane =)

pol said...

hi i heard the next sale would be next week??

itahl said...

Oh my.. Lucky for you.. I was looking for that romper. I freakin' love that one. :) Love it!


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