Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I used to design and sell accessories, and I still have my tools (and more!) at home that can fill a small room.  So, from time to time, I'd get inspired to make a few pieces.  If I can't find what I'm looking for, I'll make my own.

Here's a super easy DIY for you---a eureka moment, actually!  Tassle earrings are so in-trend right now, thanks to Louis Vuitton.  I still have quite a lot of these, as I wasn't able to sell them a few years back.  I guess nobody was brave enough to wear them then, but thanks to Louis Vuitton, I see a lot of the girls now in these light-weight danglers.

I have the basic ones, in black, gray and brown.  But for my outfit last night for Metrowear Icon, I had to wear peach-colored ones, so I went to Carolina's and bought myself these for P5 each.

I was going to use my tools and make them into earrings, but ran out of time.  So, I came up with this idea to just shoot the pin of my earrings into the loop of the tassle.  You can opt to put it in front of your ear lobe (if you have bigger earrings), or at the back like me.

Pretty cool idea, don't you think? :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Definitely the Smartest TV

Last two weeks ago, I was invited by Samsung to spend a night at Hotel H2O to try their Smart TV.  I was pretty excited and flattered that they included me in their list of invitees: 1. I've been curious why it is the "smart" TV; 2. I've been having a hard time booking a stay at Hotel H20 for our son---I was even planning on spending his 2nd birthday there last June but it was sooooo fully booked!

You can read about our stay in Hotel H2O here and here.  For this post, let me talk about the Samsung Smart TV, which I have definitely fallen in love with ;)

First, you just gotta love how thin and slim it is:

Next, the frontal view.  Notice that you can hardly see the bezel (or what we call the TV frame).

Kang Yunje, Vice President of Samsung’s TV Design Group, perfected an aesthetic that bears tremendous purpose.  “We wanted to remove the barrier between the real world and the TV that is visually distracting: the bezel,” Mr. Kang said. “The design concept centered on the television. If we see the real world in three dimensions, and the TV offers three dimensional images, then everything we see has the potential to be in three dimensions. Designing a slim bezel was about removing the frame that limited our view of the three-dimensional world.”
Since Mr. Kang joined the company in 1994, it has been his dream to create a television without a bezel. In 2008, Samsung embarked on a journey towards this goal. In two years, they managed to whittle down 54 millimeters to 28 millimeters. After Yoon Boo-Keun, President of Samsung’s Visual Display, set out a mission to create a bezel-less TV in 2010, it only took them a year to turn the dream into reality.

“We were told that reducing the bezel slimmer than 7 millimeters would be impossible, and that the image quality would be lost as the bezel became thinner,” Mr. Kang said. “We ran numerous trials to see what worked and what did not but eventually pulled ourselves through the toughest period.”

After much trial and error, the development team was slowly inching its way to the ultimate goal. In 2011, the creation of the LED D8000 proved that an ultra-slim bezel was indeed a possibility. The LED D8000 appears slimmer, yet it maintains a superior viewing experience—the perfect marriage of design and technology.

Now, the test!  We tried watching regular TV shows first, and we love how even if the show isn't in HD yet, it feels like it already is!  The LED has MicroDimming technology that works on playing the cleanest whites, the darkest blacks, and the most vibrant hues.  

We took it up a notch by trying out their featherweight 3D glasses.

These glasses, along with the LED's built-in 2D to 3D conversion system, can make flat 2D movies or pictures appear life-like in real time!  Amazing, isn't it?   Not only that, we are amazed with the stock sound system that comes with the Smart TV's 3D Sound Effect and 3D HyperReal Engine.  No need to buy and install those extra speakers ;)

It's so smart, right?  And there's more!  We tried tinkering what else this baby has to offer and went to this screen.  See the small screen on the top right? That's your TV/movie screen, which means you can still watch while you surf the net ;)

The Samsung Smart Hub is a media portal to the world wide web.  It's could be overwhelming at first glance, but it's pretty easy to use.

Samsung Smart TV is, no doubt, the start of what future TV's will become.  More than just your TV, its offerings include what computers/laptops offer---making it the smartest TV indeed!  Mr. Kang and the rest of Samsung's TV Design Group are definitely cooking up even better smart TVs.  “Samsung believes in pushing the company to its limit, if there is one,” Mr. Kang said. “We innovate and change paradigms. From the top executive to our engineers, we take risks for good design and befitting quality products.”

Read more about Samsung Smart TV here.

We had a great time staying at H2O hotel, most especially with the Samsung Smart TV in the room for us to play with :D I've already told hubby that this is part of my holiday wish list ;) 

Thank you, Ms. O of Samsung and the rest of the Samsung PH team :D

Friday, October 21, 2011

Forever on Forever 21

Pardon the lack of posts for this week :( I was in Cebu yesterday for the day, prepping things for the arrival of Forever 21 in SM Cebu :D  So excited!

I will be back online, with loads of finds to share with you next week.  In the meantime, hope you were able to check out the article below in Philippine Star:
We have another one out in Philippine Daily Inquirer today, too!  
Happy weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I can Breathe a Little

Now that my two events are done (Forever 21 Mastercard Launch at Prive and Megamall's 3-day sale), I can now focus on our SM Cebu opening — watch out for that ;)  In the meantime, hope you were able to get a copy of Manila Bulletin yesterday:

Will try to post pics from the event :D

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forever 21 SM Megamall goes on SALE

See you all this weekend :D

Extra discounts awaits you for the first day, until 12nn. Just bring your SM Advantage Card and Forever21 Mastercard.  Check out the details below :D

10% off on regular items for the whole weekend for Forever 21 Mastercardholders.

Let's go shopping! :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Forever 21 Mastercard Exclusive Party

Party with us as we officially launch the Forever 21 Mastercard this October 12, Wednesday, 8pm at Prive Luxury Club at The Fort Strip :D
Prive invite

How to get invited?
* Forever 21 Mastercardholders get in for free—simply present F21 Mastercard, valid gov't issued ID
* non-cardholders can purchase P5,000 worth of Forever 21 merchandise to get in

All guests should be no younger than 18 years old.  For those who look young ;), kindly make sure to bring a valid gov't issued ID. 

See you all there!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Got an invitation to this one, and it's open to the public.  You might want to check it out :)

special, one day only sale featuring the most exciting and fabulous brands in the Metro

SEE YOU ALL at the Rockwell Club Function rooms, from 2 to 6 pm, 8 October 2011!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Shoe-In

We’ve noticed a welcome change at Lacoste shoe shops, with styles that are geared towards a more polished and feminine look. Think Audrey Hepburn and the ‘50s era, and you’ve got ballet flats, loafers and peep-toe wedges dominating the store.

All branded with the signature croc logo, these shoe models have kept the casual and comfy vibe of the shoe line. I'm liking the Quenza design, a slim and pointy toe pair of flats that comes with lace-up details that’s a mix of urban chic. The white-colored rubber sole makes it an interesting piece, too!

Another pair that I'm eyeing are their slip-on loafers called the Concours, which comes in suede materials in colors blue and gray. Perfect for walking all day long, and even for driving (with its rubber driver sole), this androgynous pair gives adds a tomboyish flair to your outfit.

Other pairs that you should watch out for are the Calavante—a fabric-colored wedge made of brushed cotton that comes in bright hues to cheer you up. 

Another addition to the loafer style is the Courcelle 2. With its tassel tongue detail and delicate leather lace bow, this tan full-grain leather is the perfect accompaniment to your daily walks.

I personally think flats are back in fashion, and what Lacoste has affordable styles for you to choose from.  Don't you agree? :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sassy Reds by Liz Anne Bautista

And finally, by Liz Anne Bautista:

Lola After Party Lipstick in Deep Cherry Red

Lola Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand providing sophisticated and innovative products for women across the globe—from the US to Asia.

Tips to achieving a more defined lip:
1. Before applying the lipstick, apply liner on the lips. We suggest Lola’s lip-defining pencil.
2. Fill in the lips with the lipstick using a brush to achieve a plump look to those puckers.
3. Be sure to finish off with a clear lip gloss.

Verdict: The Lola After Party lipstick sure lives up to its name as it is among the most long-lasting lipsticks in the market, which this person has been privileged to try out. The Deep Cherry Red hue is sexy and sophisticated, which is perfect for those night-outs on the town. But, because of its deep hue, it may make one look mature. Keep makeup minimal and let your natural youthful glow shine through.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Ravish Me Red

Founded in 1932, Revlon has established itself as one of the leaders in the beauty industry, with its impressive line of products that are both up-to-the-trend and affordable.

Tips to chastening a vampy red lipstick:
1. You can lighten a red-colored lipstick by applying another coat of nude gloss or mixing it with nude lipstick, which creates a pinkish hue.
2. Keep makeup light, especially around the eyes, and just let the lips(tick) do all the talking.

Verdict: Don’t you just hate it when lipsticks crack? Well, the Super Lustrous Lipstick is perfect for women who are not much into the dry, matte lipsticks. It has a modern formula called LiquiSilk™ that locks in moisture and color that gives lips a smooth and silky finish.

Avon Ultra Colour Rich 24K Gold Lipstick in Ruby

Avon is committed to keeping its products fresh by coming out with lines that are revolutionary, but always at an approachable price.

Tips on making your lipstick last the whole day:
1. Use the line, brush, and gloss method by applying a lip liner, lipstick with a brush, and gloss as finish.
2. Do apply two coats of lipstick when you are raring for a long day.
3. You may also dust powder on the lips to keep the color from fading.

Verdict: The ruby-colored lipstick would make a really festive alternative for the holidays. The color has shimmer, though, which is why we suggest that this be used for those evening affairs. We noticed, though, that the color does not last very long and may need to be re-applied every few hours.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sassy Reds by Cherry Tan

Here's what Cherry Tan reviewed:

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in True Red

International makeup artist Elsa Morgan says all you need to achieve a perfectly stained red lip is your fingertip, a cotton bud, and one ply of tissue.
1. Apply the color by dabbing it onto your lips.
2. Blur the lip line with the cotton bud.
3. Blot with the one ply to tone the color down for an everyday red lip.
For a bolder red, Morgan shares that all she uses is a lip brush.
1. Apply the color with a lip brush for precision.
2. Use the lip brush to get right up to the lip line for a polished effect.

Verdict: A great lippie for women who need versatility in their cosmetics bag. This stick will definitely take you from day to night.

Skinfood Coffee Creamy Sheer Lipstick No. RD202

This quintessentially South Korean brand helped kick off the food in beauty trend back in the day. Fast forward and the brand has stuck to its guns, delivering fun and flirty beauty looks that highlight the benefits of different food products on our skin.

Tips for a long-wearing lipstick:
1. Apply lip liner around the lips and shade in both lips.
2. Apply the lip color over and you are ready to go!

Verdict: This light and moisture-rich lippie is definitely the easiest to apply of the bunch and is an excellent starting point for women who are still dipping their toes into red lips. It goes on like a vibrant lip stain, which quickly increases in opacity with every layer. For longevity, one can follow the tips above, though this lipstick works equally well with just a quick swipe for an instant beauty pick-me-up with a light coffee scent.

LancĂ´me L’Absolu Rouge Rose Absolu No. 365

This fixture in beauty and cosmetics has proven itself time and time again as purveyor of fine products. Its sleek packaging calls to mind sophistication and ladylike refinement.

Tips for a long-wearing lipstick:
1. Apply lip liner starting at the center of the lips and following the rim of the lips.
2. Apply lip color.
3. Place tissue on lips and pat with powder.
4. Take off tissue and reapply lipstick.

Verdict: This lip color borders a dark berry wine color more than a bright red. Definitely a more dramatic shade than the others, the color is nonetheless versatile and suitable for a variety of skin tones. Deep and highly pigmented, one layer is enough to pack a punch. Make sure to follow the tips and line your lips beforehand to keep the color from bleeding out.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sassy Reds

I, along with my colleagues in Manila Bulletin, roadtested a bunch of red lipsticks—just in time for the holiday season.  Read below for my reviews:

The Face Shop Face It Wrinkle Repair lipstick in RD301

The Face Shop combines skincare (its specialty) with cosmetics in Face It Wrinkle Repair Lipstick. Makeup artist Marge Apacible shares her tips on how to take extra care of your puckers:
1. Use Plus+1 Dual Lip Care Kit to keep lips smooth and well-moisturized.
2. Apply liquid foundation or concealer onto lips, and dust with loose powder. This makes the lipstick last longer.
3. Draw the contours of the lips with Lovely Me: Ex Auto Lip Liner in 06 Red that matches the red lipstick. This is to prevent smudging and increase its staying power.
4. Fill in lips with Face It Wrinkle Repair Lipstick in RD301 using a lip brush for precision. Dab tissue onto lips and dust lips with loose powder. Apply a second coat.
5. Once the lipstick has been fully applied, get a cotton bud with a bit of powder foundation and glide around the lips to perfect the outline of the lips and further define its contours.
6. Finally, apply a sheer red lip gloss like Diamond Shine Lip Gloss in RD301 onto the center of the bottom lip and press lips together.

Verdict: Not only does it stay on the lips long, it glides on easily as well—thanks to its anti-aging ingredients such as collagen and Vitamin E.

M.A.C. PRO Longwear Lipcreme in Extended Play

M.A.C. is every makeup artist’s dream playground. Resident Trainer Owen Sarmiento shows us how to keep lip color from bleeding:
1. Apply Lip Conditioner to the lips using a lip brush.
2. Apply a coat of Prep+Prime Lips over the lips especially the edges to avoid color bleeding.
3. Sharpen Lip Pencil in Burgundy & Spice, then draw in desired shape and fill in the entire lip area.
4. Fill in your lips with PRO Longwear Lipcreme in Extended Play.
5. Gently press your lips onto a single-ply tissue to blot off the excess oil and press the pigment onto the lips.
6. Apply lipstick color.
7. Blot again.

Verdict: When a lipstick bears both “longwear” and “extended” in its name, one is doubly rest assured of this lip color’s long-lasting power. It’s a heavily pigmented, semi-matte cream lipstick that is a perfect match for the sexy and confident career woman who wants to look good without worrying if her lips need retouching every hour or so. No bleeding here!

The Body Shop Colourglide in Brilliant Red 53

A conscientious global beauty brand, The Body Shop continuously aims to protect our planet with its ethical trade programs. Here are some tips from the brand for fabulous puckers:
1. Use Lip Scuff to exfoliate, and remove dead skin cells from your lips to keep them soft.
2. Outline your lips with Lip liner shade in Rosy Red 13 to keep lipstick from running.
3. Apply lipstick, preferably with a lip brush, to achieve defined lips, and an even coat.
4. You may opt to apply extra shine with Hi-Shine lip treatment shade in Cherry Glimmer 15.

Verdict: A buildable lip color that’s highly recommended for those who are red lippie newbies. You can work your way from sheer to bold colors with minimal application.


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