Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sassy Reds by Cherry Tan

Here's what Cherry Tan reviewed:

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in True Red

International makeup artist Elsa Morgan says all you need to achieve a perfectly stained red lip is your fingertip, a cotton bud, and one ply of tissue.
1. Apply the color by dabbing it onto your lips.
2. Blur the lip line with the cotton bud.
3. Blot with the one ply to tone the color down for an everyday red lip.
For a bolder red, Morgan shares that all she uses is a lip brush.
1. Apply the color with a lip brush for precision.
2. Use the lip brush to get right up to the lip line for a polished effect.

Verdict: A great lippie for women who need versatility in their cosmetics bag. This stick will definitely take you from day to night.

Skinfood Coffee Creamy Sheer Lipstick No. RD202

This quintessentially South Korean brand helped kick off the food in beauty trend back in the day. Fast forward and the brand has stuck to its guns, delivering fun and flirty beauty looks that highlight the benefits of different food products on our skin.

Tips for a long-wearing lipstick:
1. Apply lip liner around the lips and shade in both lips.
2. Apply the lip color over and you are ready to go!

Verdict: This light and moisture-rich lippie is definitely the easiest to apply of the bunch and is an excellent starting point for women who are still dipping their toes into red lips. It goes on like a vibrant lip stain, which quickly increases in opacity with every layer. For longevity, one can follow the tips above, though this lipstick works equally well with just a quick swipe for an instant beauty pick-me-up with a light coffee scent.

LancĂ´me L’Absolu Rouge Rose Absolu No. 365

This fixture in beauty and cosmetics has proven itself time and time again as purveyor of fine products. Its sleek packaging calls to mind sophistication and ladylike refinement.

Tips for a long-wearing lipstick:
1. Apply lip liner starting at the center of the lips and following the rim of the lips.
2. Apply lip color.
3. Place tissue on lips and pat with powder.
4. Take off tissue and reapply lipstick.

Verdict: This lip color borders a dark berry wine color more than a bright red. Definitely a more dramatic shade than the others, the color is nonetheless versatile and suitable for a variety of skin tones. Deep and highly pigmented, one layer is enough to pack a punch. Make sure to follow the tips and line your lips beforehand to keep the color from bleeding out.

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