Monday, October 3, 2011

Sassy Reds

I, along with my colleagues in Manila Bulletin, roadtested a bunch of red lipsticks—just in time for the holiday season.  Read below for my reviews:

The Face Shop Face It Wrinkle Repair lipstick in RD301

The Face Shop combines skincare (its specialty) with cosmetics in Face It Wrinkle Repair Lipstick. Makeup artist Marge Apacible shares her tips on how to take extra care of your puckers:
1. Use Plus+1 Dual Lip Care Kit to keep lips smooth and well-moisturized.
2. Apply liquid foundation or concealer onto lips, and dust with loose powder. This makes the lipstick last longer.
3. Draw the contours of the lips with Lovely Me: Ex Auto Lip Liner in 06 Red that matches the red lipstick. This is to prevent smudging and increase its staying power.
4. Fill in lips with Face It Wrinkle Repair Lipstick in RD301 using a lip brush for precision. Dab tissue onto lips and dust lips with loose powder. Apply a second coat.
5. Once the lipstick has been fully applied, get a cotton bud with a bit of powder foundation and glide around the lips to perfect the outline of the lips and further define its contours.
6. Finally, apply a sheer red lip gloss like Diamond Shine Lip Gloss in RD301 onto the center of the bottom lip and press lips together.

Verdict: Not only does it stay on the lips long, it glides on easily as well—thanks to its anti-aging ingredients such as collagen and Vitamin E.

M.A.C. PRO Longwear Lipcreme in Extended Play

M.A.C. is every makeup artist’s dream playground. Resident Trainer Owen Sarmiento shows us how to keep lip color from bleeding:
1. Apply Lip Conditioner to the lips using a lip brush.
2. Apply a coat of Prep+Prime Lips over the lips especially the edges to avoid color bleeding.
3. Sharpen Lip Pencil in Burgundy & Spice, then draw in desired shape and fill in the entire lip area.
4. Fill in your lips with PRO Longwear Lipcreme in Extended Play.
5. Gently press your lips onto a single-ply tissue to blot off the excess oil and press the pigment onto the lips.
6. Apply lipstick color.
7. Blot again.

Verdict: When a lipstick bears both “longwear” and “extended” in its name, one is doubly rest assured of this lip color’s long-lasting power. It’s a heavily pigmented, semi-matte cream lipstick that is a perfect match for the sexy and confident career woman who wants to look good without worrying if her lips need retouching every hour or so. No bleeding here!

The Body Shop Colourglide in Brilliant Red 53

A conscientious global beauty brand, The Body Shop continuously aims to protect our planet with its ethical trade programs. Here are some tips from the brand for fabulous puckers:
1. Use Lip Scuff to exfoliate, and remove dead skin cells from your lips to keep them soft.
2. Outline your lips with Lip liner shade in Rosy Red 13 to keep lipstick from running.
3. Apply lipstick, preferably with a lip brush, to achieve defined lips, and an even coat.
4. You may opt to apply extra shine with Hi-Shine lip treatment shade in Cherry Glimmer 15.

Verdict: A buildable lip color that’s highly recommended for those who are red lippie newbies. You can work your way from sheer to bold colors with minimal application.

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