Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekend Getaway with Neutrogena

All eight of us were pretty excited to spend a day at Nurture Spa Village last Saturday. It was the perfect opportunity to relax, and re-energize with my fellow Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)—that’s what we’re called ☺



If our first session last two Saturdays ago was about blocking and preventing bad vibes from resurfacing (vis-à-vis blocking and preventing skin pigmentation), then the second session was all about applying the other six Fine Fairness benefits of protect, shield, restore, renew, calm and lighten. Read on to find out how Neutrogena fulfills all 8 of their promises for a lighter YOU:

Despite waking up at 5AM that day, I didn’t forget to apply my Neutrogena Fine Fairness morning regimen, which was capped off with the line’s UV Brightening Moisture SPF50+. It’s actually one of the three new products in the line that contains the much-loved Helioplex found in the brand’s sun block products. Helioplex is known for delivering longer protection against the sun’s harmful rays versus your usual sun block lotions.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness line works on restoring healthy skin by blocking free radicals, enhancing surface skin renewal, calming the skin to maintain an even tone, and lightening the skin by providing an immediate whitening effect. As the product line restores, renews, calms and lightens our skin, we were also working on restoring, renewing, calming and lightening our body, mind and spirit with a private yoga session by Joseph de Asis.

I tried yoga a couple of times before, but this was different and special because we did this outdoors—on the green grass with a fantastic view of the clear blue sky. Yoga restored my muscles to its most ideal flexible capabilities. My eyes were either closed or focused on one area that actually gave a meditative and calming effect. This, eventually, lightened our auras and dispositions, which left us with a renewed mind and spirit.

Aside from the yoga session, we were also treated to a solo photo shoot each—all dolled up, thanks to Neutrogena :)  Just as it protects and shields our skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, the photo shoot gave all of us an extra boost of confidence.  Photographer Pat Mateo did a great job putting everyone at ease; just a few minutes and we all found our perfect shot :D  The shoot definitely made me feel better about myself.  Thereby, protecting and shielding myself from unnecessary influences that might cause me to make a detour.  If you feel great about yourself, then you'll tend to take care of yourself more. And if you do just that, then you're protecting yourself from harm and danger.

Overall, it was a great day to unwind :) All the activities (yoga session, a full body massage, and a photo shoot) helped me find my center and my true life goals. Clearing my mind has guided me back to where I should be, as I protect and shield myself for unnecessary influences that might cause me to make a detour.

So, thank you, Neutrogena, for the experience. Not only am I refreshed and ready for the year ahead, I am also on the way to having a radiant face for 2011. Cheers!

*Find out what Neutrogena Fine Fairness line has in store for you, and get to know the other brand ambassadors by visiting the Neutrogena Philippines Facebook Page.  Their "Our Start The Year Light" contest also begins today! Get those photos ready because they're giving away the entire Fine Fairness Range to the first 50 people who post photo replies to Task # 1! 

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