Monday, December 13, 2010

Harmony in a Beauty Kit

From Aya Yamuguchi’s artworks printed on the packaging of its cleansing oils and Tsumori Chisato’s whimsical makeup collection based on Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince, Shu Uemura presents yet another fantastical set, with its Christmas 2010 makeup collection.

For this Japanese beauty brand, its products revolve around the founding principle that “art is the way of life,” a philosophy that undergirds their special collaborations with established artists.

For the Christmas collection, the brand handpicked young artisan Aya Takano, a multimedia artist who paints, draws, and writes essays as forms of creative expressions, to come up with magical symbols, fusing Japanese manga and science fiction. Encased in hot pink packaging, this holiday set is a breath of fresh air as it celebrates the merry season with bright and youthful colors that aren’t green, red, or metallics.

Our favorite from the lot are the eye and cheek palettes: Reindeer Kiss XXXX is for those who are more experimental with eyeshadow colors, mimicking that of a frosty winter land that shimmers; while the Bowwow! Magic Queen palette will suit morenas (or those who want a no-makeup-look) best with sparkling glitter eyeshadow hues that are reminiscent of gold and bronze, Christmas-themed holiday décor.

For an extra dash of playful and festive aura, try the new waterproof, long-lasting, creamy mechanical eyeliners called paint crayons in sweet candy shades such as glitzy blue, magical pink, and sparkly purple.  If you’re really up for some mystical vibe, then the premium and partial false eyelashes are just the accents you need. More wearable and fun makeup tools await you at the Shu Uemura shops, and don’t forget to check out their peace and harmony mini brush set that’s packed in a pink triangular-shape believed to represent harmony. “I was always fascinated by geometric motifs, I hope the motifs I have created can be worn by girls as their magical charms,” adds Takano.

But before you head out to the Shu Uemura stores located at Rockwell Power Plant mall and Rustan’s Department Store in Makati and Shangri-La Plaza mall, check out this oh-so-cute video clip :)

I love the sounds, it's really bubblegum fantastical :D

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