Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Neutrogena has Landed!

I’ve been covering events since I started working. And this year, I have hosted events for Forever 21. But it was only last week that I got to be on the other end, as I was being presented ad one of the eight brand ambassadors of Neutrogena.

I took a half-day leave from work, and got to Watsons at SM Makati by 3:30 pm sharp (that was the call time). Everything was all set:

And as briefed by the Neutrogena team, a photo exhibit was set up at the other end:

Since I was there early, I took a shot of everyone’s pictures:









And the seven products of the Fine Fairness line:






Caption for the mask: All the girls will have to agree that the mask is our favorite from the lot. We all ran out of stock for this, and we can’t wait for the Neutrogena team to replenish them by this week ;)

It’s been five weeks since we’ve started using the Fine Fairness line, and as mentioned in my previous post, it’s been a while since I’ve used a complete skincare. I am more than happy with the one-month result. Not only is my skin smoother, I actually have naturally rosy cheeks, too! Goodbye, blusher! ;P

By this time, all eight of us were complete. We were very excited, and all pumped up for the event. Such a lovely group photo, don’t you think?

Time passed by so fast, that it was already 5PM. I didn’t even realize how big a crowd had already gathered at Watsons until I saw the blog post of Phoebe.

*photo credit: Phoebe of phoebeann.me

Our host for the afternoon was the beautiful hot momma Christine Jacob, who introduced all of us one by one, as we came up on stage.

*thanks to Hannah of Flaircandy.com for the photo :D

We did a very casual Q&A with Christine, and while listening to the other brand ambassadors talk about Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness line and Start the Year light campaign, I realized how blessed I am to be with such amazing women who are very passionate about their interests and excel in them as well. I also feel very responsible and empowered—all of eight us serve as the catalyst to passing on positive energy to all the ladies out there. We really hope that we can help everyone start the year light and radiant, not only with regards to their skin, but with their life as well.

From my editor days with Chalk and Pink (with readers who are young and curious, and mostly very insecure and unsure), it has always been one of my goals to instill a high self-esteem to all the women out there. It’s all about loving yourself, and appreciating who you are and what you can do. It’s all about good vibes, and believing that you deserve only the best.

And while you’re at it, might as well work on getting beautiful smooth and glowing skin with the Fine Fairness line. I must admit—working for your goals is so much easier when you can face the world with skin that’s clear and radiant. Don’t you agree?

Thank you so much, Neutrogena, for picking me as one of your brand ambassadors. Here’s to more ladies who will start the year light this 2011 ;)

*To know more about the Fine Fairness line and how you can start the year light, go to Neutrogena fan page.  Oh, and they're third task is up: Lighten & Renew.  For the new year, show us how you will keep your self light by staying young.  Post a picture of how you will keep the child in you alive in 2011.

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