Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Fave PFW Pieces - Part 1

Coverage of PFW started Day 5 for me, as I had to focus on Forever 21's fashion show.  So, let me share with you 20 of my favorite designers and pieces:

Who would have thought buildings can serve as Melvin Lachica’s inspiration?  He successfully executed his vision through long and flowing gowns, that, as worn by models, evoked towering skyscrapers:” I created paper toile embellishments with jersey and chiffon in colors of stone sand, gravel, and blocks, using these as accents alongside geometric and linear patterns that take cues from textile and fashion engineering.”

Tina Daniac veers away from her past collection of figure-hugging minis, as she presented her current set of gothic royalty seductress looks.  “Deviating from loud pieces and gaudy embellishments, I used soft fabrics like wool, in muted colors, such as black, gray, and white, to create simple yet structured ensembles with a detailed finish.”

Deconstructed tailoring is what came to mind when Marlon Rivera presented his collection. He played with black by giving it different textures and layers with his choice of fabrics such as rough wool, vinyl, faux leather, flannel, knit, and power mesh. His combinations yielded tailored pieces with surprising, unfinished hemlines.

Jian Lasala presented loungewear in geometrically-cut patterns: “This season, I have transformed dreams and sleep-induced adrenaline into a cosmopolitan affair. My collection, titled Gravity, features sleepwear-inspired garments transformed into chic and elegant evening ensembles.”  Cool hues accentuate the chill vibe of each piece with figure-flattering styles that show off the confidence of the wearer.

 Check out the back detail :D

Mike Lavarez deftly employs shredding to showcase his set of stretch cotton wear.  “Loose dresses, cropped bottoms, and layered shrugs are embellished with hand-cut details and patterns that feature a dated take on the classics.”  Basic hues of black and gray, plus pale pink, were his colors du jour that speak of the cool, casual chick.

Stay tuned for the next quarter of my top 20 ;)
*photos taken from stylebible.ph

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Quiapo Ilalim said...

I love melvin's and marlon's! :) (not trying to sound like I'm close with them tho :) )


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