Friday, June 3, 2011

My Fave PFW Pieces - Part 2

Quite known for his magic with printed fabrics, Eric delos Santos took it up a notch higher with quilted, Asian-print textiles that are made for both day and night wear. Brightly-colored, flowy dresses were presented as the second half of his collection, with fringes and colourful, floral embroidery as his accents. Truly, dresses befitting of the girly and glamour girl.

Jerome Salaya Ang never ceases to take you on a mythical journey. Booties that mimic a bird’s beak, red-washed hair with roses, and face prosthetics add to this captivating collection of tie-dyed fabrics and strip-cut tulle. Ang plays with drapes for an added touch of femininity and fluidity on an otherwise set of dreamy prints and structured bodice.

Color and the roaring flapper era describe Sassa Jimenez’s collection. Intricate embroidery and beadwork, matched with either shift dresses of the ‘20s to whimsical and exaggerated bubble skirts kept our eyes locked on every piece that came out. Chiffon, silk chiffon, organdy and dupioni silk are regal choices for her animated designs.

Bo Parcon used gold-colored safety pins as the protagonist of his latest collection. Enhanced with gold embroidery on black mesh fabrics, each piece is designed for the strong and sensual woman who enjoys the glitz and glamour of the fashion world.

Stylish desert nomads are Don Protasio’s muses, with brown and gray as his colors of choice.  “My latest collection features pieces in loose, tent-shaped silhouettes—a fashion homage to their roaming and traveling.”  Light layering in shapeless yet flowing pieces make these very versatile and wearable.

Visit me next week for the second half of my faves :D
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