Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Fave PFW Pieces - Part 4

It’s been a while since Fanny Serrano showcased his works, and it’s definitely a welcome surprise to see a refreshing set of printed and voluminous dresses on the runway.  The set of colorful, floral headwear is not one to be missed, too!

Martin Bautista employed the use of his staple choices of light and fluid fabrics to create another dramatic collection that “floats and flows like the air and water.”  Voluminous skirts and long dresses are further highlighted with the models’ walks.  Each turn, each step and each swing of the arms accentuated the serene movements.”

A powerful yet feminine color combination of pinks, reds, and blacks was utilized by Kermit Tesoro in his interpretation of the human body.  “Bombarded with patterns and details derived from a dissected human cadaver, each piece is inspired by the dark identities of the character Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.”  A graphic depiction of what lies underneath our bodies can be seen through Tesoro’s clothing and shoe creations.  His ultra platform shoes with sculptured heart and vein heels are simply amazing.

Turtles take centerstage as Yako Reyes takes us into the life cycle of this animal.  One can feel the relaxed vibe as Reyes translates this mood into his collection of light and easy cuts.  Inspired by species migration, he infused some of the pieces with cropped tops so as to clothe the wearer for the cooler weather.  His three-handle bags are highly-recommended as well.

The biker chick gets a futuristic makeover with Oz Go’s series of geometrical and architectural designs.  “Inspired by modular structures, I have created a selection of pieces in predominantly black, white and gray, using fabrics such as cotton, satin, twill and denier. I have opted to use a three-dimensional silhouette to add dynamism to the pieces.”

*Photos taken from stylebible.ph

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