Friday, August 6, 2010

Lilac Laces

Pardon the posts on shoes this whole week, but I just can't seem to get enough of them :D  Remember my post on flats?  Well, I couldn't resist visiting Sebago in Megamall this week to check out their boat shoes.  

There really is something sexy about ladies wearing menswear-inspired items, don't you agree?  Aside from sneakers which is already common, oxfords and boat shoes/topsiders are quite a hit for both the male and female markets.   

I saw these ones on their window display. I asked the sales associate what their bestsellers are, and she said it's their pink and dark blue ones.
This shade of blue is cool on the eyes :)

These textured combinations give neutrals a modern look.
Although I have a preference for colors, I decided on getting a neutral-colored pair 
since I can inject color by getting customized laces for an additional P400 :)
Those are for the ladies, while these below are for men.
Can you guess which pair I got? :)

I picked a pair of lilac laces, and asked the sales associate to change them for me :)

They used a different type of needle to be able to go inside the holes of the shoe. I asked the sales associate if we can go back and have it changed again to a different lace—free of charge? And she said yes, so that's very good news!

Tada, my new girly boat shoes! Can't wait to road test them this weekend ;)


Gel said...

cute! how much do they retail for?

Liz said...

loooove what you did with your sebagos! i also wanted to get those silver two-toned ones, but after a tortured half-hour, i eventually decided to get the dark pink.

blogged about it here

Sebagos are quite possibly the best shoes i own lol. i had to step on a shallow flood with them on once and they were dry inside in 15 minutes. Leather got a bit stiff after that, but after i washed them with shampoo (upon the suggestion of the guys from Sebago) the leather became soft again.

Kookie B. said...

i'm contemplating on getting boat shoes too but i'm not so sure if they'll look good on me.

i love men who wear boat shoes though. :)

glad you went with a grey/silver hue. it's a pretty neutral color. and the lilac lace is so cute!

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi Gel! They're about P3,395, I think :D

Yes, Liz, I saw your post before. Nice pick :) I love the rubber soles. And I'm happy they're quite sturdy and dependable, more so when I read what happened to your Sebagos. Cool! :)

Kookie!!! I actually can't imagine you in boat shoes, but you never know ;) Try them on when you get the chance. We need to give our feet some rest from time to time ;) And yes, I love men who wear topsiders, too! Too bad my hubby doesn't like them hehe...

Anonymous said...

hi i just want ask if the last 3 pictures of boat shoes are for men?

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Oh, sorry, they're all for ladies :) Are you looking for men's styles? :D


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