Monday, September 20, 2010

Bangkok Buys

Whenever I’m abroad, I always make it a point to avoid buying from brands that have already opened shops in the Philippines. Knowing you’ve bought something unique to the country’s culture and lifestyle is always a nice experience. You learn a little more of their style and preference with visits (and purchases) from their local stores.
And from my recent Bangkok trip, I have discovered quite a few new brands—all in one floor! I accidentally passed through Amarin Plaza (at BTS Chitlom) and found a whole area full of Bangkok’s very own fashion retail brands on sale.  The mall hosted at the first floor with top Thai designer brands participating, giving as much as 70% off.

It was love at first sight for me as I stepped into Issue. Known for its colorful ethnic prints, and geometric cuts, I believe the brand definitely mirrors that classy yet edgy Thai flavor.


Too bad Greyhound in Manila closed down. I guess Filipinos weren’t ready for the brand that time. Its androgynous designs are definitely appealing to those who have a preference for minimalist fashion.

Another brand that has an ethnic feel to its designs and prints is Theater. Staying true to Thai prints and fabrics, this brand goes from jewel-toned textiles to classic muted colors like blacks—all in shapeless styles that give off a Zen-feel.

Animal House offers generic shirts, cardigans and polos in muted colors, all stitched with animal (what else?) emblems. At 50% off, their shirts start from about 370 baht. Quite affordable, don’t you agree?

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