Monday, April 25, 2011

Beauty vows to save the Earth

Two of the most eco-conscious and earth-friendly beauty brands celebrated Earth Day with record-breaking news:

With the success of The Body Shop’s Rainforest Hair Care range in 2010, the brand proudly brings us yet another product range called the Earth Lovers. This product line features a 100 percent biodegradable shower gel that has a non-drying formula that promises to be good to your skin and to Mother Earth. Free of sulphates, colorants and parabens, the Earth Lovers shower gel line is made from a soap-free base that gives you smooth and soft skin after every wash. Choose from seven variants: Lemon & Thyme, Mint & Cucumber, Watermelon & Eucalyptus, Fig & Rosemary, Pear & Lemongrass, Apricot & Basil, and Fragrance-Free.

Kiehl’s debuts its iconic customer representative lab coat—made from Bionic Yarn. The latest upcycling technology, Bionic Yarn boasts of premium yarns and fabrics made with fibers derived from plastic bottles. Though made from plastic, each lab coat offers the same high-quality cotton look and feel of the classic version.
Pharrell Williams with KCRs in Zurich Switzerland_Aug2010_PHOTO CREDIT Patrick Mettraux

Pharrell Williams, with partners Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs, owns a New York City-based company named Returns Textiles that is responsible for the Bionic Yarn technology. “When I became a partner in Return Textiles, it was my goal to use the fabric technology to partner with other like-minded companies to find ways to do good for our planet. Kiehl’s has a long history of taking both small and big measures to reduce waste, and inspiring others to do so,” shares Pharrell Williams.

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