Monday, November 28, 2011

Worst Flight Ever

I have a hard time sleeping now, so I might as well share with you my horrible flight experience with a certain airline earlier tonight. 

Flying with children is no joke, more so when I'm seated far away from my son and the nanny.  I was booked a business class seat (which they insisted even if I asked for an economy seat) by the company who invited me to cover an event. I thought of bringing my son and opted to buy economy seats for him and the nanny, as it was a very short flight.  It's not practical to spend so much for a short trip, in my opinion. 

Unfortunately, my son didn't want to leave my side, but the flight attendant insisted that I move him back with the nanny since a passenger was complaining about the little one (who was very quiet and well-behaved at that time).  I knew my two-year-old son was going to cry and make a scene, so I tried to talk my way out of it—to no avail.  So, while I was in the economy area with the nanny, trying to pacify the little one... my friends overheard the flight attendant and one of the heads talking trash about me behind the closed curtain.  

Things my friends overheard were:
"Bakit kasi isang business class ticket lang binili nya?" (Why did she buy just one business class ticket?)
"Sino ba kasama nya sa likod?" (Who is with her at the back?)

My friend asked the flight attendant to come over to where he was seated.  He told her nicely that it was very rude of them to talk about me, and that everyone can hear what they were talking about.  I'm not sure at what point in their conversation did she answer back, but her defense was that I was being hard on her.  Okay, granted that I was, I don't think any passenger deserved to be talked about that way, right?

He even asked if he can file a complaint, and the head came out and gave him their IDs and a feedback form.  I personally think that they were very arrogant to have given their IDs. The fact that they gave them could only mean two things:
1. they were confident our complaint won't reach their head office
2. they think they didn't do anything wrong

I will definitely raise this to the company, not because I want revenge, but I think they need to know how their front liners are doing at work.  

Don't get me wrong though. My flight from Manila to Cebu was a dream.  All the flight attendants were so attentive, seeing how my son was crying almost the whole time before we took off—we were delayed, hence my son was very agitated and bored.  You know how two-year-olds are :(  One of the senior ones even approached me and asked how I was doing.  A simple question like "How are you?" can make all the difference.

This flight back to Manila?  Not one apology from the two of them.  But one of their co-flight attendants came back and apologized on their behalf.  So the whole company is not to be blamed here.  I just hope that these two will be reprimanded for what they did.  Maybe being an FA is not the right job for these two.  


Joanna Ladrido said...

how rude! That is so annoying! Shameful they are part of the hospitality business.

Anonymous said...

Definitely arrogant. I bet the feedback form will never reach the airline management. You have to wonder now, how many passengers have they callously mishandled and management is never even made aware of?


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