Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Right Stride at Stride Rite

My parents told me that I had difficulty walking when I as in my toddler years. They even had corrective shoes made for me. I sure hope our little one doesn't go through the same problem as I did.

Anyways, I recently received data from Stride Rite Children's Group (SRCG) regarding "The Effect on Shoe Design on Children Learning to Walk." Results of this in-depth unprecedented study offers insight into how shoe design can affect gait, stability and plantar loading throughout different stages of learning to walk.


Important details of the study include:
•At birth, a baby’s foot is soft and comprised of cartilage. As they grow, the bones begin to ossify.
•In the first 2 years of development, barefoot is best but foot coverings are needed to keep tiny toes safe, dry and warm.
•Not until age 5, do critical bones completely form, leaving open the possibility of malformation if proper footwear is not worn.
•From ages 2-7, children need increased heel and mid-foot stability while maintaining flexibility and foot conformance in the forefoot
•A child’s foot is not fully formed until age 18, but the most critical development occurs in the first seven years.


“The striking results of this study shed light on the very important, but under-researched topic of child foot development,” said study researcher Dr. Paul R. Scherer. “When we approached the research, the only available information on child foot development was based on opinions nearly 50-years-old.”


Top-Line Findings:
•The least number of stumbles and falls occurred when the children were barefoot or wearing the shoe with the highest flexibility. Peak plantar pressures were often highest in the most flexible shoe in comparison to barefoot.
•For children in the early stages of walking, the goal is to maximize plantar loading to provide the clearest proprioceptive feedback so that the child learning to walk may build a successful motor program.
•A shoe must fit, shape, mold and flex to -- and with -- the foot to achieve Match Foot Movement (meaning that shoes support and follow the natural movement of the foot).
•Mature walkers had significantly higher plantar pressures for the majority of the foot when compared to early walkers. As a child develops and increases activities and movement ability, shoes need more structure, protection and durability.


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*Stride Rite is located at the 5th floor of SM Megamall, Atrium

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