Monday, January 30, 2012

Shabu-Shabu Time

We had lunch yesterday at Gansu-Shabuway in Power Plant Mall:


The menu only serves vegetables and beef (Meyer and Kobe beef), with two kinds of soup (seaweed and spicy miso).  The seaweed broth was bland, but I loved it when I mixed it with tons of sesame sauce

... along with a dash of minced garlic, minced radish, and chopped onion leeks :D

Our family agrees that you can just order their normal Meyer beef since you really can't tell the difference when cooked in shabu-shabu style.

The broth is, of course, unlimited... along with their rice.  Here's how my meal was: rice, cooked beef in their soy sauce/vinegar dipping, and broth mixed with sesame sauce ;P  

Menu is quite limited, which makes ordering simple and fast.  Ramen and udon noodles are also available, which we ordered for our son---who wiped out his bowl of noodles fast!


e.rose said...

hi :)) you look really familiar.. have been an editor in Candy magazine?
- i had the same background as yours (blog) but i changed it a few days ago... I love your blog! and I really am eager to follow such an amazing blog from an amazing person :))

i've been reading you articles in candy.. or was it in pink?

followed! :))

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi!!! I'm flattered that you still remembered me during my "Pink magazine" days :) I've also been meaning to change my background, but it's the only background with pink in it. Obvious ba that I really love the color pink? hehe... Thanks again for following :D


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