Wednesday, January 18, 2012

True Blu

I just had to share this article that came out last month on the first year anniversary of Radisson Blu:

It was my first time to attend an event in Cebu, and we were pleasantly surprised with how the Cebuanos partied at the First Year Anniversary of Raddison Blu last weekend.

The newest and grandest hotel’s ballroom was transported into a 1920s themed venue, with their staff dressed in bright blue fringe shift dresses, boas and feathered headpieces. And they weren’t the only ones who followed the ’20 look, the venue was filled with gentlemen in dashing suits and hats, and ladies wearing accessories such as headbands, gloves, pearl necklaces, fascinators, and feathered boas.

The citizens of the Queen City of the South sure do know how to get into the fashion game. Here are some of them who took the extra effort to look the part:

Cybill Gayatin went for a black-and-white ensemble that’s very Coco Chanel, and topped it off with a beaded head wrap she had made out of an old beaded vest.
R Cybill Gayatin

David Cua was all about prints as he went for a striped necktie and plaid blazer. He kept it sleek and clean in black and white tones.
R David Cua

Katsy Borromeo picked a sheer black shift dress and accentuated it with a long pearl necklace and a black rosette headband.
R Katsy Borromeo

Carla Herrera’s thin black headband and gold-and-pearl neckpiece were the perfect accompaniments to her little black dress.
R carla herrera

Sheryl Songsong proved that all you need is a fur scarf to get the roaring ’20s look.
R sheryl songsong

Best dressed awards went to Yvette Vaas and Bong Deiparine. A special mention wento to Jessie Glova for the effort.
R bestdressed

You gotta hand it to these guests. My media colleagues all agree that Cebuanos know how to party and how to dress for the party!  Congratulations again, Radisson Blu :D

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