Thursday, February 23, 2012

Enter the Lucky Water Dragon

It is believed that luck follows those born in the Year of the Dragon, which leads us to hope that this 2012 (Year of the Water Dragon) will bring more good news than bad news for the whole world.

And with good fortune on our side this 2012, together with hard work, let’s bring in the good vibrations this new lunar year with these suggested lucky charms:

Joy Lim introduced Filipinos to the wonderful world of auspicious charms, with celebrities and famous personalities as her main fans. One of her must-have accessories is the “Blessed All in One 8 Bracelet.” This is a mix of crystals that brings positive vibes in all aspects of life with the number 8 bead that represents the eight magical realms in Heaven and protects us from eight types of harm. The Aventurine Frog, meanwhile. is a money catcher that brings luck as well, with the Bagua balancing life. Other beads like the Fish stand for abundance, the Tael charm signifies wealth, the orange bead helps process transactions with ease, and the Rose Quartz improves love and relationships. For appointments and inquiries, call 742-2597 or 413-9112.
charms and crystals

If sparkling jewelry is your preference, then you will definitely like Jewelmer’s latest collection of La Vita amulets. Take your pick from four pendants that symbolize the four powerful elements of life: blazing fire, cascading water, blowing air, and solid earth. Each medallion comes in a combination of South Sea pearls and colored stones that represents the four elements of life.

Men can also join in the good fortune with Dunhill’s set of polished sterling silver dragons. Each of these intricately carved dragons is attached to either a mobile phone strap or a keychain (with karabiner or ring clasp). Sterling silver cufflinks and pure silk ties in bold red, pale blue or pink with dragon motif are also available.
Dragon Fob

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