Monday, February 27, 2012

Sexy Sirens

There will always be the good and the bad at the Grammys, and we choose to look at the positive fashion highlights. It seems that most of the guests came in nude-colored lips and smoky eyes that speak of subtle sexiness. Their fashion choices complement this understated sensuality with the use of see-through and sheer fabrics with amazing beadwork.

Adele was the queen of the night at the recent Grammys—not only did she bag the most awards, she walked down the red carpet in simple, sophisticated beauty. Dressed in an all-black ensemble (first, in Giorgio Armani, then second, in Burberry), she paired these gowns with sparkles such as a 12.4 carat diamond ring by Harry Winston, and lavender glitter nail polish. Her shoulder-length blonde hair and smoldering eyes (with an overdose of faux lashes) added a sultry air to her classic look.
grammys adele (Large)

Fergie showed up in a fiery, red, lace serpentine number by Jean-Paul Gaultier that showed off a simple set of black lingerie that’s reminiscent of a T-shirt bra and high-waist panties. Some say it was a bit racy, but we beg to disagree. It’s a great mix of contrast fabrics and styles. The lace gives off a vintage feel, while the underwear set adds a modern twist to it. When Ryan Seacrest asked her about what she was wearing, she shares “I had two choices. This is the safe one.” Now, this left us wondering what the other one was.
grammys fergie (Large)

It seems that Katy Perry’s styling team has more blue magic up their sleeves. Elie Saab produced another fully beaded cornflower blue gown. With an A-line cut skirt, quarter sleeves and cinched at the waist with a blue ribbon, Katy Perry looked every inch the princess in this monochromatic look---with her electric blue hair in an up ‘do style.
grammys Katy Perry (Large)

Paris Hilton picked a Basil Soda gown made of delicate lace and, perhaps, silk chiffon. Strategically-placed lace keeps this sexy as it slightly showed off the heiress’ neck, cleavage and legs. A thin, metallic belt served as the only contrast to this off-white gown. It’s a grown-up version of a playful gown that’s still very “Paris Hilton.”
grammys paris hilton (Large)

Rihanna showed up in a black dress with a low-front neckline, and high-slit (front and center)— “a collaboration between Mr. Armani and myself,” Rihanna shares with Ryan Seacrest on E Online! “We have a pretty good relationship now, since we’ve been working together on the campaign and designing a capsule line for his collection…” the singer beamingly adds. We can’t wait to check out this new team-up.
grammys rihanna (Large)

Taylor Swift’s golden choice by Zuhair Murad was the talk of the town. Fully beaded on a sheer fabric that serves as an overlay to a nude lining, Swift has topped the fashion charts again with this number. When asked by Seacrest on what she was wearing: “It’s one of my favorite dresses that I’ve ever gotten to wear, actually. It’s just one of those dresses that when you look at it, I am so impressed that someone made that. The handiwork is so beautiful, the design is just wonderful. So when I saw it months ago, and I kinda said, we gotta save it for the Grammys.” A very good decision, indeed!
grammys Taylor Swift (Large)

Photos courtesy of AP.

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Wonder Woman said...

Hmm... I'm not a big fan of Fergie's choice, but Taylor Swift looks flawless, as always! :)


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