Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Feet

Not even the rain could stop the people from lining up at the Rockwell tent this afternoon, as I was greeted with tons them seated outside while they waited for their turn to go in the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event.  I went with my mom earlier today, and met my cousin—a die-hard fan of the Brazilian flip flop—who's been patiently lining up for her turn.

One perk us writers have is that we get first dibs on these babies, and the media was invited last Tuesday (May 26) night for a special fashion show and sneak preview of what they released yesterday.  As usual, I wasn't able to attend, since I didn't have a driver and I couldn't drive because of my big tummy.  So I asked the event/pr group of the event (super thanks to Amor Maclang and Anika Punzalan of GMCI) for an invite extension today.  All I had to look for was Janice Villanueva when we got to the gate, and we were in!  :D

A line outside just to get in, and another line to have your personalized Havaianas made.  Sigh, the things we do :D

We're all set! Take your pick from Havaianas Top (bright colors) and Slim (muted hues) styles.

Spin the wheel!

These limited edition lifestyle pins are what everyone's excited to get.  This time, MYOH offers Pinoy-themed pins, and from the looks of it (I asked a lot of the MYOH attendants), the tarsier pin is their bestseller—I knew I just had to have this cute animal in my havis!

My cousin got these for her and her sister.  Top styles seem to be a fave for the young 'uns.  

On the other hand, my mom and I stuck to our fave Slim styles.  We kinda exchange colors, too!  Teehee... Mine are the melon green soles with sand gold straps; pins are the colorful Vinta boat, orange seashell, cute tarsier, and a four-leaf clover (for luck!).  My mom picked the tarsier and the Philippine map—proud to be Pinoy!  With tons of crystals for her usual liking for bling-blings!

Another new addition to the fourth MYOH event is this handy drawstring pouch to store 
your brand new customized havis.  Nice!
Price: P795 for each pair, pins are sold at P50 each.
Are you geared up to get your very own pair?  Then, head out to Rockwell tent tomorrow and line up as early as 11am.  Get ready for the long lines: bring a book to keep you preoccupied while you wait; or go with a friend.
MYOH event ends Monday, June 1.  And for those who already got theirs, care to share what your spankin' new havis are?

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