Friday, May 22, 2009

Trying Something New: this blog and a modern crop :D

Every time I'm in Hong Kong, I always set aside an afternoon for a trip to the salon. For some reason, I trust these stylists more when it comes to giving me a new hairstyle to show off when I come home. No matter who cuts it, I always come out happy and more than satisfied with my new 'do. I guess it's because I'm of Chinese decent, with limp and super fine hair like most of the Chinese population. I believe that someone who's Chinese as well can understand the texture and "personality" of my hair. I do not frequent Hong Kong as much anymore; but finding someone in Manila whom I can trust to give me a "yearly makeover" can be quite tiresome, too.

But I've found MY hairdresser in Mr. Louis Kee! I secretly envied those women who have a regular hairstylist, the only one who can touch their hair and work their magic. I wasn't successful in that search until I met Louis. Before my visit today, I've been contemplating on having it cut really short—since I'm about to give birth this July and might have a hard time taking care of my long hair. Louis suggested that I give short hair a try, to which I gladly agreed. He did a great job cutting my hair into a nice shoulder-length bob two years ago that I knew I can trust him to give me an even better hairstyle today.

And boy, did he do a great job! I now have a bob that shows off my nape, which goes a bit longer at the front to frame my chubby cheeks. I was so elated and excited to show off my new 'do, that I even gave him the go signal to cut it just a bit shorter hehe... He laughed and told me to take it one salon visit at a time, and promised to give me an edgier cut once my little bundle of joy comes out.

The last time I had my hair this short was when I was in grade 6, and the first snip almost brought me to tears. It was different this time, maybe because new beginnings await—a baby on the way, new businesses brewing, and this blog that I've been meaning to put up. It's embracing change that keeps me excited and challenged, and I can't wait for the days ahead :D

How about you?  Any "makeovers" you've been dying to go through? :)

*Visit Louis Kee salon at the ground floor of One McKinley Place, 5th Avenue corner 25th Street, The Fort, Bonifacio, Taguig. For appointments, call 856-3388 and 856-4848.
*San Juan (and Quezon City) residents would be glad to know that Louis will be opening his second branch around July (keeping all our fingers crossed) at Connecticut St. near Greenhills area. So, watch out for it :)
*Here's a link to the feature I wrote about the salon when it first opened:


canDIshhh said...

Wow!! I heard he's really good nga daw!! How much does he charge?

Will link you up Janey!!

Style Scout said...

I really like him—professionally and on a personal level as a friend. His haircut fee is from P1280 (shortest)-P1580 (longest).
Thanks for the link up, will do the same hehe :D


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