Sunday, May 31, 2009

What A Sale Shopping Week It Was!

The global recession has obviously hit us, and a few stores have started their sales earlier to beat the rest on enticing us to spend our money at their shops. Theodore's at Boni High Street was the first to do just that, as they had a denim markdown sale that started May 1—two pairs of jeans for the price of P6,995!  Since I'm preggy and about to give birth in a few weeks, there's no point of buying new clothes—just yet!  Nothing will fit me anyways.  But when I heard about the store's shoe sale that started last May 18, I secretly let out a sigh since I won't be able to get first dibs.  I am not allowed to drive around on my own now.  But when my mom invited me to visit Ninang Liz Lirag of New Yorker PVR (Arnaiz Road, Makati. Tel Num: 844-7753) last week, I quickly said yes.  Yipee!

First stop: New Yorker.  Mom had her fittings, while I browsed through the sale rack.  They're old stocks/samples (even vintage clothes from the '50s) are on sale at only P1000-P2000 a piece.  That includes alterations already—sulit!  I actually picked a few pieces (guilty as charged!), and will have them altered after I give birth.  Uh-oh, my first purchase for the week.  But they're definitely worth it!  I was even able to buy a gown :)  How could anyone resist the price offering?  Will post pics once I have them altered :D  That's probably going to be around a few months from now ;)

After mom's fitting session, we headed straight to Theodore's and went straight to their shoe sale area.  Brands include Botkier, Delman, Dru New York, Miss Sixty, Opening Ceremony, Puma and other men's brands.  All priced from P1495-P4995! (Photos are taken from Theodore's facebook page)

The white fabric and silver strap pair (top left) is my fave from the Botkier selections, P3495 each.

The silver round-toe ankle strap pair (bottom left) stood out for me. Delman, P3495 each.

The gladiator wedges (center) and the gem-encrusted 2.5 inch heels (top right) 
are both hits among those who went to check out the sale.  Miss Sixty, P2495 each.

They're all so cute!  I couldn't decide which of them I like the most.  
Opening Ceremony, P3495 each.

Here's hoping they still have stocks and sizes.  And wadaya know, they still do!  I got a pair of Miss Sixty heels worth P8850 that's slashed down to P2,495—a steal, don't you agree?  I didn't realize how good the quality of these shoes were until I opened the box again to take pics when I got home.  The box smells of genuine leather, and I could safely say that the scent might even be stronger than some of my leather handbags!  It sorta gives me a "high" every time I get a whiff of it :)

They also have clothes on sale, and any last piece (clothes or shoes) left are given an additional 10% off.  I saw a Miss Sixty dress priced at about P2500 (last piece, too) in Small size.  Even if I lose weight after giving birth, I won't be able to fit in it, since the bust size for small is a 32-inch.  Oh well, less expenses for me, whew!  Maybe they're meant to be yours?  :)  So, keep your fingers crossed that the last piece is your size and you're in for an extra treat!  Theodore's is located at Quadrant 4, Boni High Street; store hours: M-Th 2-10pm, F-Sat 2pm-11pm and Sun 12pm-9pm; Tel nums: 856-3571, 8561635.

But wait!  My sale shopping week didn't end here.  After the MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas event) last Friday, we headed straight to Rajo Laurel's birthday sale (up to 70% off, and it's buy-one-take-one!).  Good thing we had a change of heart—we were supposed to go home right after, but thought we should check out Rajo's shop since we were in the area already.  There were still a few great finds, and we tried on all that we could until closing time.  I was surprised that the attendant Jem still remembers me, as I used to borrow clothes from Rajo for shoots, and we chatted while my mom tried on our picks.  Jem shared that there were just too many customers earlier that afternoon who hoarded Rajo's creations—it was the last sale day that Friday.  They couldn't accommodate everyone; good thing we came late.  We had the shop all to ourselves, along with just one other customer.

Nice maternity gown, but no point buying preggy clothes since baby/little J is about to come out :)

These silk jodhpurs are simply fab!  I think they costs about P1500-2000 (discounted). 
I love their big dressing room: it comes with a big comfy couch.  Perfect for me to sit while I wait and help my mom try on her picks.  
Jem was there to assist as well, for any alteration requests.  The room is airconditioned, too!

I got this adorable eyelet cream dress; and it costs only P1,500 after discount :)  How could I resist a sale?  Of course, I have to have it altered (reasonably priced at P500) after.  Too bad, I wasn't able to go earlier that week so I can share this sale event with you.  But Jem informed me that this is an annual sale, so do watch out for it next year :)

Ongoing sales: Paul Smith and Ben Sherman
Better save up for these stores (I have a hunch it will be anytime this month): Zara and Mango

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