Monday, June 1, 2009

Limited Timepieces

Who could ever forget these famous lines, “I’ll be back,” and “Hasta la Vista, baby!”?  Though the 2003's franchise (Rise of the Machines) didn't really give me an unforgettable experience, I was excited to watch this fourth franchise.  Christian Bale stars as the lead, and this A-list celeb somehow convinced me that this time, the story line will be much more thrilling.  We watched it yesterday, and it did went beyond my expectations.  Two thumbs up :D

Riding with the hit movie is the release of a limited edition Terminator watch set—a collaboration between Sony Pictures and Police.  Only 1,000 pieces are manufactured worldwide, and I was pleasantly amazed to find out that this set was actually tastefully designed!  Carrying the “Terminator Salvation” logo and an individual serial number, each box has the Terminator trooper watch and a Police Indy leather bracelet.  Black ion-plated, all stainless steel and water resistant up to 100 meters, the chronograph timepiece can be worn for casual days or weekend parties.  The Police leather bracelet also lends a rough edgy look matched with a classy stainless steel buckle for the man who’s always in style. Visit selected Watch Republic stores, and leading department stores.

Another special edition watch that you should check out is this Storm Vice timepiece.  Only a few pieces have been brought in, and each watch comes with a authenticity card.  Most Storm watches do not come with a card, so this is a plus for those who collect watches.  Specifications include: Japanese movement, stainless steel case, 50m water resistance that comes with a rubber strap and an S-fold clasp for a sleeker look.  Available in Rose Gold (see above pic), Slate and Black. Hubby and I are eyeing this Rose Gold model—the rubber straps give a futuristic feel, while the rose gold makes it appear vintage in style.  We might just drop by Shangri-la Plaza soon to check out this model ;)


makeupsuperstar said...

this is suuuper nice!

Style Scout said...
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Style Scout said...

So sorry, I accidentally deleted my own comment haha...
Yes, they're really nice watches :D Glad you like the feature.


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