Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Lovers Unite!

Today, after my morning shoot for HIPP mag at the head office, my mom picked me up and we headed off to World Trade Center for MAFBEX (Manila Foods and Beverages Expo). It's a wonderland for both food lovers and connoisseurs.

Entrance fee is P50 each; don't forget to claim your complimentary bag, so you can put all the flyers and products you'll be buying in it.

Just had to share this, so weird! PAGCOR in the house?! And playing poker, too!

The ASEAN bartenders championship was ongoing when I got there. The contestant's name was mentioned, along with his/her coach.
It's a professional "sport" already? hehe...

Mom had to stop by and check out this JTC blender. Materials are from Japan, but the blender is assembled in Taiwan.
She saw these blenders being used in her fave Taiwan cooking show.

Comes in automatic (P18,000) and manual (P15,000) versions.

They made me this drink as a demo, using their blender. It's actually very easy to use and clean, plus the ice is crushed so fine
that you can't even feel it in your mouth. Their drinks are sold for P53 each.

They sell the powdered formulas for P1400 each. Their blenders are used by restaurants and coffee shops such as Mocha Blends.

Can you believe this coffee machine is being sold for about P500,000!!!! Woah!

King Sue food products were sold there as well. Not bad, P25 beef burgers, and P35 with cheese.

My mom and I like this stall. Everything comes in mini sizes: ice cream maker, popcorn maker,
mini shabu shabu, donut maker, fondue, etc... Prices start at around P2000.

For the kiddies, they can check out the sculptures made from bread dough and...

colorful cakes as part of a Culinary School's exhibit.

Ice cones, cotton candies, soda drinks and colored soft serve ice creams are for their enjoyment as well.

Lots of international food products are also sold, and the sellers are really natives/locals from their country.
So you can be assured of real authentic food.

Mom bought me these Ginseng drinks (2 for P99, or a box of 10 for P495). Their power/energy health drinks.
I would need them before and after I give birth :o

I loved the taste of this healthy grain cereal from Malaysia. It's not yet sold here, but they found a distributor who's interested so it's in the works.

These flavored machis are also quite good, and authentic (from Taiwan).

These floral tea bags are from Shanghai. When you submerge one pouch into a cup or pot of hot water, this is how it looks afterwards...

Cute right? It's like a little floral piece inside the glass, and it smells and taste good, too!

Wagyu Sirloin (about 7-8 slabs) are sold at P1,700 (not bad!) I was able to taste their freshly cooked wagyu, without and with their apple sauce (that they're selling as well)—really good. The products are shipped in by this tall Japanese dude, who did the cooking of the samples that were given out.

Takoyakis!!! Nom nom nom nom nom ;)

This portable rotisserie from Taiwan is very interesting. Price: P6000+

A stall we stayed longer than usual was selling these toiletries from Taiwan. Love the colors and the soft bristles of these plastic scrubs.
A pack is sold at P600 each.

Waterproof under and soft on top, these blankies will be perfect for little J :) Price: P700 for the small one, P1000 for the biggie.

We found this really cool! They're similar to what the dentists use: water spritzers to clean our teeth and everything in between. Price: P1100 for a set of 2; P1500 for a set of 5. The Taiwanese owner is very friendly and accommodating, so just haggle the prices with him when you're ready to pay :)

Found this at the next stall: inflatable and deflatable bra pads haha... 3 for P1000!

Lots of healthy concoctions were being sold, like this coffee drinks that have ginseng and tongkat ali (said to be an aphrodisiac and an energizer)

Red Juice that boasts of more than 20 fruits combined, and said to be a healthy drink as well.

Moringa (malunggay) capsules in every variation. I got a bottle to help boost milk production—just in case I need them ;)

Mulberry juice—yummy!

This chili garlic sauce is simply divine! The bottle with the red cap is regular (P100);
while the black ones have olive oil instead of the regular one (P120).

Oh, and lots of drinks for the alcohol-lovers, too!

There are sooooo many stalls that I wasn't able to take photos of. But if you love food, then you should check out this expo. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of the imported products are not yet available locally, so would be best to buy a few and get their contact details ;) You also better grab the chance of getting these at discounted prices, as it ONLY happens here at the expo. Credit card is also accepted for big purchases. Happy eating :P

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