Monday, June 8, 2009

Havaianaticos Unite!

I wrote about the Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) event in Manila Bulletin last Saturday. For those who weren't able to get a hard copy, you can check out this link: There wasn't enough space for us to include people shots from the event, so here's a peek at what happened that fun, fun night:

Pinoy-themed lifestyle pins were the talk of the town.  And how timely it is, since Independence Day is fast approaching.

Hosts Bianca Gonzales and Drew Arellano show how stylishly casual these Brazilian flip flops are.

Nyco Maka, who performed that night, chose from these top styles.

Kat Alano shows off her pair, that came with a complimentary slipper bag :)

Pretty tv host Karen Pamintuan chose a neutral pair (with cute lifestyle pins, of course).

Maggie Wilson showed up in a sexy boho chic outfit to match her bright sunny personality.

Kelly Misa was one of the models at the fashion show.  See her tank top?  It has an illustration of the Vinta lifestyle pin—how cute!

Rissa Samson has another Pinoy-lifestyle pin on hers: the sorberto :P

It's a family affair for the Trillos with Ria, Luigi and their daughter

Lovin' Robbie Carmona's bright choice, and his black-rimmed spectacles, too!

Diet and gf Rima came in floral-prints.

Bianca, after work, sporting two MYOH's (she's wearing one, and there's one in her slipper bag), a fan indeed!  And I see a fabulous Goyard bag ;)

And the lady of the night: Havaianas' Anne Gonzalez.  A true workaholic, she wasn't able to rest after the event, and went straight to Brazil for a business trip.  Luckily, she found the time to answer a few questions for my feature. Here they are: 

Style Scout: What's so different with this year's (fourth) MYOH event?
AG: This year's MYOH had the highest turnout thus far.  We made improvements in the flow and system which allowed us to accommodate more customers.  Admittedly, there were still long waiting times and long line, but we were still able to serve more people than the years before.  Every year is different.  The color offerings and designs of the soles and straps are updated each year.  Also for 2009, we offered straps with colored Havaianas logos, more colors of Swarovski crystals and all the embellisments (lifestyle pins and Filipino pins) are new designs just for this year's event.  As a bonus (for no extra charge), all pairs came with a slipper bag and a bag tag.

Style Scout: Who thought of the Pinoy-themed lifestyle pins?
AG: The Filipino-themed pins were conceptualized by us (the local marketing team).  We felt that after nearly 6 years in the business, and with the continued growth, it would be a nice idea to pay tribute to Filipino customers who have embraced our brand.  It symbolizes our celebration of the unique relationship between Havaianas, a Brazilian product and Filipinos.  The design of the pins was a collaboration between our local creative team, and that of our head office in Brazil. They are all manufactured in Brazil.  The mechanisms/machines used to customize the pairs were all shipped into the country from Brazil as well.

Style Scout: The fashion show/media preview is a great idea. How was it like for you to mingle and get to know the Havaianaticos?
AG: We felt that inviting Havaianaticos to the event was the least we could do to express our gratitude given how much they supported our brand.  These are customers who go back a long time and there are many more Havaianaticos out there, but those we invited are some of the earliest followers of the brand.

Style Scout: What combination did you get?
AG: Believe it or not, I have yet to make a pair from this year's offerings as all the attention has been on makin sure all went well with the event.  I am eyeing a pink sole and silver strap with a Noypi pin—if there's any stock left :)

*Photos courtesy of GMCI

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