Sunday, June 21, 2009

How We Spent Dada's Day

I mentioned in my earlier post that we'll most probably be spending Father's Day at Power Plant Mall, which we did right after our lunch at Tsukiji—the boys love this Japanese resto :P
I brought dad to Lacoste as promised, and guess what he picked! The Karas model in low-cut whites. It was half a size bigger, but dad loved the style that he'll just wear thicker socks for this pair. The sales staff checked with other branches if there are still available pairs, but only Cebu and Davao were left on the list. Grrr... oh well, we still got it for dad.

Next stop was Mango for me and mom. Got these colorful bandeaus for P189 each.

We stumbled upon these really nice (and expensive) Tempur mattresses and pillows at the concourse level. Would you believe this whole set costs about P600,000? Tempur is recommended by over 30,000 medical practitioners, and is believed to help improve circulation. It also lessens the stress on your spine by helping it rest in its natural position. Thus, promoting better sleep quality. According to their website, "it has been clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning from an average of 100 times during the night, to just 17 times."

You can even try the bed and the pillow in this room, if you're uncomfy with lying down on the display models in public. We all tried and loved it! I love how it molds to the contours of our body, but stays hard yet soft at the same time. It's thick density makes it stable. You really have to try them yourself.

Their latest is the Sonata Pillow, perfect for those who sleep on their side.

This, I think, I need—I experience a lot of upper backaches and neck pains. Pillows are priced at about P4000 and up, and comes in a lot of sizes and styles. It might be a bit steep, but if it does help you sleep better, why not? If you think about it, you sleep on your pillows for more than 8 hours everyday... And only for today is Tempur giving 10% off, just because it's Father's Day. If you want to check out these amazing soft pillows, you can visit their branch in Shangri-la Plaza mall.

My family and I (with hubby) parted ways after checking out Tempur. My brothers were getting bored. Hubby and I went straight to Gingersnaps to pay for a pair of shorts we wanted for little J.

Hubby and I loved these plaid shorts...

It reminded us of his own plaid pair... in a slightly different color combination :)

And so, we bought this set for little J. So excited for him to wear these :) Price: P499.50 each.

Wonder how often we'll be shopping if we have a daughter in the future? I was telling hubby she'll be a very stylish lady when she grows up—hopefully! How could she not be? When she has a mom for a fashion and beauty writer/editor, and a dad who used to be a clothing purchaser for a major department store? ;)

Btw, Gingersnaps Shangri-la Plaza mall branch is on sale. We found some good buys for as low as P150 a shirt for toddlers. I also saw some nice dresses for teens (that could fit us) for only P350. So, do pass by and check out the goods. Might as well drop by Mango when you have the time :)

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