Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sexy Sale

While I was in Robinsons Galleria earlier this week, I spied another sale at Velvet Rose.  

A homegrown brand, their lingerie line is made, designed and manufactured abroad.  They also share suppliers with Victoria's Secret, which is an added plus of reassurance that they have one of the best quality and craftsmanship when it comes to bras and undies ;)  

4 cute undies for P999, so that makes it about P250 each

Lingerie in basic and sexy styles are priced from P695-P990

The owners chose a luxurious velvet interior for the dressing room—makes one feel sexy indeed!

Their new arrivals... the polka-dot one is just too cute!

Comfy cotton pajamas, shipped from the US, are sold at P1099 (pants set), P899 (shorts set).

The bright colored slip-ons have an ultra-soft fabric that's perfect for sleeping, P990.

They also sell Smooth Operator's seamless undies: camis, P1680, boyleg, P980, thong, P780, bikini, P880.  
Their MX gel pads, P250, while their nippleless are priced at P599.

Worried about your delicate bras when you travel?  Then store them in this cute bra bag—a big hit in Canada :)  Small one costs about P2250, while the big one (for those with more blessed boobs) are sold at P2250.  They even have bags for your undies :)

They also carry scented massage oils (right), P790, and feminine washes in fruity scents (left), P580.

And of course, for your wedding night/honeymoon trip/bridal shower gifts, Velvet Rose has everything you'll ever need.  
Their Kamasutra line is a bestseller among the lot.  They even have chocolate body creams ;)

*Velvet Rose has branches in Robinsons Galleria (2nd floor), Shangri-la Plaza mall, and SM MOA.

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