Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty Blowout

Another too-good-to-pass-up store is The Body Shop.  Who could resist not going in, when you see all these goodies? :)

This is what you'll see as you walk by the store.  It's just too tempting :o

Lotions in Spring Orchid (mild calm scent) and Lemon and Lime (energizing fragrance) is not sold at 70% off.  Original price: P695; sale price: P208.

Our tropical weather can be a bit confusing (and non-cooperative), which is why their Macadamia Straightening Balm is perfect in taming your wild wild locks.  Original price: P625; Sale price: P187.50.
Their White Musk Sensual Shimmer Fragrance is also a steal.  From P1195, it's now on sale at P358.  I tried it on my arm, and the texture leaves your skin smooth and silky (not yucky and slimy at all); and gives a light shimmer effect for a dewy, healthy, sexy look :)

Another good buy is this pack of Tea Tree Oil, Cream blush and lip balm, that's being sold for only P495.  You save P645!  
Perfect accompaniments for natural touch-ups.

Their Body Focus line is now at a promo discount of 50% off.

Skincare products have a discount of as low as 10% to as big as 50%!

Their White Musk White Hot Summer products are offered at 40% off.  Definitely winning purchases, since this is one of their latest lines.

Check out their newest makeup collection—all double-duty!

Look for Gil, and he'll give you a makeover and tips on how to use their products.

They even provide you with notes on which products were applied or used on you, to serve as your cheat sheet.

More good news!  For every single purchase worth P3500, you get to bring home this fab cream clutch.  So, bring the whole family and share the loot ;)


Kumiko Mae said...

ms janeee. di ba po lagi silang naka-sale?? like forever na ata yan

Style Scout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Style Scout said...

Well, TBS was sold to L'Oreal (international) so they're going through some revamp. This is just my guess, that's why they're selling their old stocks with old packaging :D Either way, they're still good buys...

Style Scout said...

Got this from TBS Philippines (marketing department): Yes, we change products on a regular basis. If you notice, the stuff we put on sale are our bestsellers. Then, after the promo, these items go back to their original price :)


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