Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the (secretly) Vain Dad

I'm sure your dad secretly wishes that he could age gracefully as well. (photo courtesy of Clarins)

Most dads are too embarrassed to ask for help with regards to vanity,
so why don't you give him some skin care products to try?

Sleepless working nights can make him look older through his eye area. Help him fight wrinkles
and puffiness with these Clarins products. The Line-Control Eye Balm (left) smoothes and firms
the eye area; while the Anti-Fatigue Eye serum (right) prevents dark circles and puffiness from
appearing. Don't forget to teach your dad how to apply these creams
by lightly touching the eye area with just one finger (or his ring finger).

It's a long-time fave shave cream that works for all skin types. And you don't have to use much on your skin,
just a very thin layer of this product will do. Dads who love mint (like mine) will surely love this,
since it comes with Menthol and Camphor to give an antiseptic cooling effect.

If you hear your dad talking about sagging skin and his double chin getting bigger, then give him
this Shiseido Men Facial Contour Refiner. It has Yeast Extract, which enhances
the tightening of collagen fibers.
The Body Shop's Maca Root men's care range is an affordable starter/travel kit. According to the brand, Maca Root is the "super food of the Andes"
that grows in the mountains of Peru. It has essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that have been used
by the Incas 2,000 years ago—believed to make them strong before going to battle. Now, it comes in a skin care line
to keep men's skin healthy, radiant and firm.

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