Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going Luca

It is no surprise that a lot of stylish mavens have opened virtual shops online, thanks to training from fashion schools such as School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA), Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP), and La Salle College international. But only a few brave souls have gathered up their strengths and resources to put up an actual store.

Luca is one of the local fashion retail brands that have withstood the scrutiny of local fashionistas, and has garnered quite a lot of praises from customers who have become fans of the trendy shop. What I like about its merchandise is that it offers versatility by giving us ladies more choices in terms of mixing and matching clothes. This way, you get more value from each item by coming up with different looks—all it takes is a little imagination and you’ll be able to extend the life span of each Luca piece.

What’s even more amazing is that it’s a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. So whether you’re looking for something fierce for a corporate meeting, a sexy lounge outfit for a beach party, or an elegant cocktail dress for a fun night out, Luca surely has just the piece that you are looking for.

With the trio's good taste in clothes, and Milan's background in editorial and high-fashion work, it's no wonder I zoomed in on their advertising campaign photographs—love Milan's vision! You'll know what I mean with these photos posted below:

Your little black dress just got sexier.

Blue jersey dresses in flattering necklines.

Not-so-innocent whites.

Fierce colors! I love the red jumpsuit.

Black is power!

My fave, obviously, since they're all in pretty feminine shades :)

Here, we find out what the stylish trio behind Luca—Supreme's David Milan (and wing man of another schoolmate of mine, Tim Yap), model and real estate executive Divine Lee, merchandiser Fayinna Zaragoza—have in store for us:

Style Scout: Why the name Luca?
Fayinna Zaragoza: Divine met an adorable and charming kid named Luca when she went to Italy a few years back. She became so fond of him that she decided that if ever she would have a kid someday she would name it after him. It just so happens that her firstborn would be a retail store.

Style Scout: Who is the Luca girl?
Divine Lee: Someone who works hard and parties hard as well. The Luca girl is someone who’s sophisticated, classy and trendy at the same time.

Style Scout: How many pieces per design are made?
David Milan: We want to make sure that our customers will feel that what they buy from us is exclusive. So, with that, we produce limited pieces per design. Usually per design, we only carry two pieces per size for each store. Our sizes for women range from extra-small to extra large, while our men’s line ranges from small to extra-large.

Style Scout: What is your price range?
Luca: The store focuses on mixes of high-quality, locally-produced, broad assortment of relaxed career or polished casual looks or elegant, dressy merchandise at comparatively moderate price ranges from P1,800 to P5,000.

MB: Do you sell accessories too?
Luca: As of now, no, but we will later on expand our business and carry accessories and other goods for our product line.

* Luca is located at the Archaeology Area of Powerplant mall in Rockwell and the second floor of Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City. You can also visit their newly-opened branch (just this week!) at Shangri-la Plaza mall.

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