Monday, June 22, 2009

Excited to ENJOY

When I was in college, my mom and I had this book full of discount and promo coupons for restaurants all over the metro. It was fun trying out new restos, and we used up almost all of the vouchers. I miss that book, and was wondering how come nobody thought of producing this kind of booklet again.

Well, I don't have to keep wishing anymore, as my schoolmate Alfie/Alfonso Sy Jr. came up with an even better version of this booklet! For only P1495, you can avail of over P150,000 worth of VIP gifts, discounts and privileges from participating establishments. The perks include buy-1-take-1 promos from top restaurants, complimentary access to hip night spots, and discounts to hotels, shopping and lifestyle establishments. All packed in this cute little red tin can.

And it doesn't stop here, you will also receive a membership card which you can use to avail of extra discounts (10-50%), too! A franchise of Enjoy Shanghai Privilege Card, you can also get privileges at over 150 participating establishments in Shanghai. How could you say no to such great offerings? :)

A foldable map of Cebu and Metro Manila is provided, with a directory listing (with numbers) of participating outlets. There are also two booklets in the package—one for Manila and the other, Cebu/Boracay.

This is the map of Metro Manila. It comes with a little cardboard pocket for you to put all your coupons in. This way, you don't have to bring the booklet with you. Though the booklets are pretty small and can fit in your tiniest bag. Well, for the men, this foldable pack can fit in your wallet :)

This is how a page looks like. Everything's quite organized. See the left-hand page? It's to remind you that Enjoy gives away monthly prized to members who use vouchers. Just write down your card number on every voucher you use before you surrender them to the participating establishment.

One of the first few pages includes a visual explanation of a coupon page. I like that it shows you how much discount you can avail with your membership card, and a photo of the establishment so that you can have an idea of how it looks like.
The back gives a brief description of the establishment, along with a listing of its branches and contact details. It also includes symbols such as average cost per person, if they delivery, has parking, has wireless internet access, is child-friendly, and what kind of credit card/s does the establishment accept. So user-friendly!

The Enjoy membership kit costs P1495, and may be purchased through one of the following: participating venues, hotline 750-9259 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm) or visit Once you get your kit, register ASAP so you can get monthly newsletters, program updates and additional vouchers. Just make sure to encode your correct e-mail address. Another great feature is that members can post ratings and reviews. The top 3 venues/establishments are then featured online for everyone's reading pleasure. Plus, a listing of participating establishments are online as well. Oh, and for every friend that refer, you get a P300 gift certificate from Enjoy—this only applies to orders made online. Don't forget to mention my name if ever you're interested *wink* *wink* ENJOY!

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