Friday, June 12, 2009

Everything at P85

I first heard about Saizen from my brother and his girlfriend, who are both into Japanese stuff.  Anime, manga, and toys such as Pokemon—you name it, and they'll be able to feed you all the info you'll ever need for any Japanese item/culture.  So, you can imagine how excited they were to share with me their latest discovery at Robinsons Galleria.

My mom and I were curious after my brother shared their find.  We just had to check the store out ourselves.  True enough, Saizen sells items for every member of the family—all for P85 a pop, and imported from Japan.  The store is very reminiscent of our family trips to knick-knack shops in Hong Kong and Japan; we always "divide-and-conquer" as we dispersed and find our own sections and meet up at the counter to pay ;)  There was definitely something for everyone.  Dads can stay at the car care section, while moms have racks and racks of kitchen and laundry tools.  My mom went overboard (as usual) with all the plastic containers.  After a while, I got tired of waiting for her, so I went ahead and checked out the other aisles.  There were scented candles and potpourris, hair accessories, sculptured nail stick-ons and nail polishes, makeup tools, garden equipment, socks, etc... But the place I stayed the longest at is their school/craft supplies section.  Mom ended up waiting for me, instead! Haha...

Sorry, I wasn't able to take photos, since the establishment didn't allow it.  But trust me on this one, you'll surely step out of the store purchasing at least one item, because it's just too tempting :o  As for me?  

Got these wooden fabric containers for me and hubby, to be placed on our bedside tables—trying to be organized here ;)

... and these cute stickers for little J's room :)

Saizen also has another branch in Robinsons Place.  So, take your pick and bring the whole gang/family.  Make sure to set aside at least an hour, as you check out all the place has to offer.  Enjoy!

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