Thursday, June 25, 2009

ENJOYing my first voucher

I used my first Enjoy voucher at Restaurant Cicou (Hotel Celeste, Pasay Road beside San Lorenzo Village gate) with my mom for lunch yesterday before visiting my Ninang Liz of New Yorker (will post that visit for another day).

Choices: Free breakfast for the 6th person, free special dessert for every appetizer and entree ordered for lunch or buy one get one free on wine-based aperitifs for dinner OR you can just use the membership card to get 5% off on your total bill. We chose to use the voucher.

I ordered their special iced tea (bottomless at P100). It has a zesty orange taste to it—yummy to my taste buds. They also served us bread (wasn't able to take a photo); the olive version smells and taste good. Literally, with olive bits and herbs in it.

For our appetizer, we got their Scallops roasted and marinated with beans sprout risotto, parsley juice, ham shaving at P620. It might be a bit steep on the pricing, but it's one of the best appetizers I've ever had. Actually, this one (along with a small bun which I had earlier) made me almost full already :o

Mom loves soup, so she ordered Squash (a thick creamy soup with duck liver flan—see photo) that's priced around P230. We asked them to split the soup into two, and it was served in a cute coffee/tea cup. I am not a fan of duck liver/foie gras but this one won me over. Restaurant Cicou is actually known for their foie gras; I noticed it's included in a lot of their dishes.

Mom had Codfish that was roasted with garlic confit and mashed white beans, mushroom and tomatoes. She wasn't too happy with her entree as the fish was a bit on the dry, flaky side.

But I loved mine! I had Beef USA Steak marinated and sauteed, with potatoes gnocchi, parmesan, and tomatoes confites. A winner at only P580, and I wasn't even able to finish it. Sweet and salty, the beef was cooked just right for my palate. I'm looking forward to having the leftover for my lunch later ;)

And finally, our free special dessert. I was disappointed to see this 2" x 3" (wallet-sized photo) creme caramel flan with mandarin oranges and whipped cream. I was expecting something bigger as my mom and I finished it in two bites each. In all honesty, it tasted good. Bitin lang nga.

Overall, I would still come back and recommend the place. Just be sure to be in good company, as the service is quite slow. As for the menu, I requested for more choices as they only have seafood, one pork dish, and about four beef entrees. No chicken and vegetarian dishes :( Parking is also quite hard as well, but valet service is available.

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