Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Workout While You Walk

I just came home from a short Power Plant mall trip with my mom, and guess what I found.  FitFlop is having a promo: trade in any old pair for your brand new FitFlops, and get P500 off.  According to the sales team, their loyal customers keep coming back to buy new models and swear that it does make your legs fit, improve posture and muscle tones among others.  On how true these claims are, I still have to find out for myself.  But the fact that this brand has a cult following means it does work!

Even actress Julianne Moore got into the fitness craze, with these new special edition FitFlops named Aurelia, 
priced at around P5,990 (wasn't able to take down the price earlier).

Here's another version of these gladiator-inspired FitFlops.

They also come in colorful candy straps, and suede fringes.  Women's styles range from P2,990-P3495; while men's styles are priced at P3595.  FitFlop is located at the 2nd floor of Power Plant Mall, near Figaro.  Promo will last until June 15.

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canDIshhh said...

Janey!! I LOVE FitFlops! Mine are super laspag na!!! hahaha... :)

Sana bigger discount!! Hihi..


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