Friday, December 18, 2009

Sole Searching

There is no better way to pamper your feet than with soft soles. High-quality materials is the key to producing these comfy shoes. So, take your pick from our lot and give your family members a treat.

For the glam mom:
Holster Princess Toe Loop, available in all Shoe Salon stores.
Her freshly-pedicured feet will look like a million bucks wearing these diamante flip flops from Australia.

For the sporty dad:
“Correnti 3” sneakers, Lacoste
Keep it safe and sleek for dad. The micro-perforated side panels add a bit of edgy texture to this shiny metallic leather shoe.

For the chill bro:
Esco-azul negro, Shoe Salon
These leather-soled shoes is uber-soft and can even be worn at the beach.

For the perky younger sis:
Pink flipflops with black grapes and bee design, Hotflops, available in Greenbelt 5.
Convince your sister to keep her feet clean all day with these oh-so-cute slippers.

For your cute baby bro:
Cartoon sneakers, Superga, Greenbelt 5, Eastwood Mall, Rustan’s Makati, Tower and Alabang.
Velcro-straps make them so easy to put on; making it stress free.

For the active and body-conscious sis:
Electra in gold, FitFlop, available in all ResToeRun shops.
Comfy footwear that gives gams a good workout, and helps keep a straight posture, too!

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