Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be Back in a Few...

Heya, ladies and gents! I'll be out of the country for the whole of next week. Will try to post if possible, but I highly doubt it since the country where I'm going to blocks a lot of websites (*hint*).

Have a great week :D


Frances said...

Where you going???

Oh, and can I shop at schu na? =D

P.S. your comment moderation word made me laugh! it's "fugly" hahaha

StyleKit said...

Hey Frances! Went to China for some biz trip with my parents. They've blocked everything—facebook, twitter, multiply :o

And yes, you can shop at Schu. Do you know Ruby of Schu? You or I can text her just to be sure. let me know.

What do you mean "my comment moderation word"? Can't seem to find it hahaha... I'm so lost :o

Frances said...

when people leave a comment, there's an anti-spam word we have to type. usually, it's a random jumble of letters, like now it's "otioni" =D "fugly" made me giggle!

i know ruby! i'll text her today. will have dinner at power plant. might as well shop! =D

StyleKit said...

Oh, you mean that one haha... "fugly" of all words ;)

Enjoy dinner and your new shoes, hot preggy mama!


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