Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Decorate Your Wall

My cousin, Candice Ledesma, and two of her friends have been producing these wall stickers that are just too cute to resist! I'm not being all biased here. They're really worth featuring ;) Not only do they "dress up" your walls, they make for great bonding moments with your loved ones. And from a sample of about 6 designs less than a year ago, they now have a big collection of over 50 sets to choose from. Here are some of my faves:

glow in the dark

growth chart

you can mark his height with these animal stickers

for those who love to travel or love Paris

you can make one thick tree, or two thin ones :)

For the zen and feng shui masters hehe... falling leaves to relax, and a frog for good fortune

Africa comes home

I think this will eat up a lot of my time—fixing the race track ;)

To know more about Nu Dekor (that's the name of the brand), read my short interview below:

SK: Who's behind Nu Dekor?
Nu Dekor: We're three friends from ICA--Candice Ledesma, Lala Ng-Tsai, and Valerie Dysun. Our group is called Nu Dekor which is actually from the initials of our last name, Ng, Dysun, and King.
UPDATE: Valerie Dysun has left the business, because of her very busy work schedule.

SK: What were/are your professions?
NDK: I worked for a foreign bank for 10 years before I resigned in August 2008. My husband is based in HK so we shuttle between Manila and HK. After I resigned, I was very excited-I did pilates, painting, swimming, which of course, cost money. Lala is a mother of two girls. She works for the family business, hardware and grocery. She is very entrepreneurial. She was selling clothes from Bangkok, and recently, name stickers. Valerie, on the other hand, is a corporate girl. She works for First Gas.

SK: How did this idea come about?
NDK: We get together regularly. During one of our dinners, I mentioned that I wanted to start a business, something that will give me income. It doesn't have to be big, just enough. I wanted something to keep me busy, but with flexible hours. Lala wanted to focus on products for kids, because it's recession proof. I mean, most parents may save on themselves but they are willing to spend for their little ones. We had a lot of ideas but nothing flew until this.

During one of my trips to HK, I attended a trade fair. Chester (Candice's twin brother) was with me at the time and he was actually the one who pointed out the wall decor to me, except this one was not sticker. It worked like those temporary skin tattoo where you stick the tattoo with water. So that's where I got the idea. It's like wall paper which can last for years yet can be removed without leaving any mark.

I showed it to Lala and Val when I got back and they both liked it. In fact, Valerie had just bought a wall sticker for her room for P12,000! Wow, ang mahal!

So that's how our wall stickers came about... I did more research and found that it can be done with stickers--which makes it a lot easier and mess free. It was a brilliant idea. If your child outgrows his wallpaper, you can just peel off the stickers and replace it with a new design. if you make a mistake, you can easily reposition it. No hassle at all! And you can do it yourself!

SK: Where are they made?
NDK: We started looking for a local supplier but couldn't find any. The ones we found were expensive. We wanted our product to be affordable. Finally, I was able to find a manufacturer in Taiwan. We make our own designs. It takes roughly 2 weeks to design the graphics and another 6 weeks to print them.
UPDATE: We also have several suppliers now so we can add designs regularly. As such, some designs we just buy outright from the suppliers.

SK: What's the price range?
NDK: From P550 - P1100, depending on the design.

SK: Can we reuse the stickers?
NDK: Yes! Simply peel off the wall sticker from the surface and replace onto the liner/backer. Keep your Nu Dekor wall stickers in a dust free and room temperature environment. You can reapply them for the next season. Or better yet- check out our new designs! Decorating with Nu Dekor is so easy and affordable that you can change your decor as often as you want!

*For more designs, visit nudekor :) Enjoy browsing!


Frances said...

My husband will love this! We were just browsing this online shop for wall stickers. Thanks so much for this post, Jane!!!

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

You're welcome, F! :D The designs are all so classy and tastefully done. Let us know what you and Vince picked out ;)


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