Monday, April 12, 2010

Use Your Eco Totes

Wedges are very hot this summer, and I highly recommend them for those who are want the extra boost without giving your legs a strain :) Here are some new designs by Skechers. My, how they've grown to just producing rubber shoes.
LR-womens_sandals copy

Reduce your carbon footprint this summer as Skechers offers customers a free eco tote bag with every shoe purchase.  By making simple changes to our shopping habits, we can help eradicate a lot of environmental issues facing our world today.
Eco tote bag

Everyone's giving away or making eco totes. I have tons of them at home. Sometimes, I forget to bring them with me when I shop—but I can count how many times I was guilty of that with just one hand. So, please try to use your "freebies" as much as you can. We're all guilty of that, aren't we? :) Happy Monday, everyone!

BTW, it's my first time to use to store and upload my photos. I know some offices blocked so you might not be able to see the photos. Please do let me know if you're one of them, and that you can't wait to read my posts at the comforts of your home. If there are a lot who request that i go back to regular blogger photo uploads, I shall do so :)

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I started another blog. If you have time, please visit and read my first post by clicking here :D

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