Monday, April 26, 2010

Kiehl's Gives Back

Another global beauty brand joins in being good to Mother Earth:

In honor of Earth Day last April 22, 2010, Kiehl’s Since 1851, the venerable New York-based purveyor of fine quality skin and hair care, is pleased to announce a Limited Edition collection, where 100% of net proceeds will benefit the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

Staying true to Kiehl’s longstanding mission of supporting initiatives to help preserve and protect the environment, “Friends of Kiehl’s” have created Limited Edition labels for the 100% natural and ECOCERT-certified organic, Açaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. Utilizing a high concentration of super-antioxidant organic açaí berry, responsibly grown and cultivated in the Brazilian Amazon, the anytime toning mist refreshes and soothes skin, while providing a sheer layer of antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors.

kiehl's acai mist

The Limited Edition series, available worldwide for the month of April, features four special labels designed exclusively for Kiehl’s, in a combined effort to raise funding and awareness for rainforest conservation. Internationally renowned, socially conscious influencers:
1. actress Julianne Moore
     "When asked to create a label for the new ACAI Damage-Protecting Toning Mist---with 100% of the proceeds going to charity---it was a no brainer because I've been shopping at Kiehl's for years, I believe in the company, and I hope that my involvement will encourage my peers to generate awareness for socially responsible causes and to find new and innovative ways to be more kind to the planet."

2. artist Jeff Koons
     "As I have often said, art to me is a humanitarian act and I believe that there is a responsibility that art should somewhow be able to affect humankind, to make the world a better place.  I'm excited to work with Kiehl's, because I feel that as a comnpany they also strive to in some way make the world we live in better for all; as evidenced by this philanthropic campaign."

3. musician Pharrell Williams
     "For my labe, I used camouflage.  I don't like the idea that camouflage is always linked to war, it's intended for disguise and that's why I chose it. I incorporated all kinds of little images and animals inspired by the rainforest into my labe., and threw in the iconic BBC/IceCream logo... you can find a digital spacesuit helmet on the front of the label as well."

Each created a label that depicts their vision of social responsibility. One of the labels also features a colorful pencil sketch, hand drawn by one of the children of the community in the Brazilian Amazon that cultivates the açaí berries utilized in the Kiehl’s collection, and showcases their life on the Amazon River.

*Kiehl's is located at Greenbelt 5.

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