Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Discoveries at the SuperSale Bazaar

The recent bazaar at the Rockwell tent was full of goodies and offers of discounted prices that were just too good to pass up. Established, small-scale enterprises and newbies have always used bazaars as their venue to promote and sell their merchandise, and it’s always a treat for any stylish lass to hunt for special pieces in places like these.

Creations Inc. gets playful with shoes that come with interchangeable accents.  For more styles, visit

Elizabeth C offers one-of-a-kind semi-precious jewelry by owner/designer Lilibeth Campos.  By appointment only: 0917-8911650.

After a long hiatus, Flatterbuy is back with its trademark necklaces that are fun and colorful.  Look for them at

 High-waist bikini bottoms are just too cute.  Check out more of their designs at

Summer is just around the corner.  Get organized with Travelites. Visit their site at

Watch out for a lengthier feature on these brands soon :)


Tin said...

I love your recent finds!

Jane Kingsu-Cheng said...

Hi Tin! I love them, too! :) Glad we have the same taste hehe...

rica said...

i hope you can do a post about shape types and what bathing suit would be good for them. im a pear and would love the help. haha =) oh, will forever 21 have bathing suits? =)

Anonymous said...

came across this blog through Travelites' Facebook account. would want to know if you've got Travelites' contact numbers? we'd want to purchase from them but we hadn't received any reply from both their Facebook and Multiply account. thanks a bunch!


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