Friday, February 11, 2011

Military Whimsy

On the heels of young designer Jerome Lorico's win at the Japan International Fashion Competition, comes another Filipino designer triumph, Happy Andrada’s. A finalist at the said competition, she also was invited to be our country’s sole representative to the International Fashion Art Biennale at the Seoul Arts Center in Korea, held late last year as well.




Being invited via e-mail to the International Fashion Art Biennale was a nice surprise for Andrada. Her whimsical works, whose pictures she uploaded online, gave her this rare opportunity to share with the world the amazing talents of our designers.

Your designs have always been very whimsical. Why is that?
Happy Andrada: I love dressing up, and just having fun with fashion. I like to create something that’s punky/funky, something maximalist, and really detailed. Why fit in if you can stand out?

What do you like most about being a designer?
I love making clothes for my clients, and making them happy with my creations. It feels like an achievement. My bridal clients have such awesome themes: medieval Chinese, Japanese, gothic, flapper, etc… I also love my debutante clients; the themes of their debuts are Tokidoki, pirates, Cirque de Soleil, Candyland, to name a few.

For this collection/exhibit, what was your theme?
The theme of the exhibit is “War and Peace” for the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. It’s sad that they just celebrated their 60th anniversary, and now there’s a conflict again between the two countries.

What fabrics and colors did you use for this collection? Why?
The colors that I used are military fatigue: different colors of greens and browns. I also used a fusion of different fabrics like cotton, brocade, organza, net, chiffon, taffeta, cocoon silk, and abaca. I wanted to play with the colors and the textures.

The exhibit was held in Korea. Are you a fan of Korean fashion and their lifestyle? What is it that you like about Korea?
I’m a fan of K-pop fashion and makeup. I’m also addicted to their movies and series. They have unique plots, it’s really entertaining and fun to watch. Plus, Lee Min Ho, Daniel Henney and their other actors are hot! I also love the weather there. I love layering my clothes and it was just the perfect, freezing weather. There are also a lot of cool unique finds there, when it comes to shopping.

What Korean fashion trend or style do you like most?
I personally like the K-pop layering. They use different colors of clothing and prints, and they layer it. I love their black liners and how they style their hair.

Which designer would you like to intern for?
I’d love to intern for Betsey Johnson, because she seems to be so much fun, and John Galliano—I love how whimsical he is. I hope to meet him.

Who are the celebrities you’d like to dress?
I’d love to dress Lady Gaga and Pink but she’s pregnant now. For Korea, 2ne1, 4minute and Wondergirls.

*For inquiries and appointments, visit F*ART Fashion ART, located at 24 J. Erestian cor. K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City. Visit her website at


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